My Favorite Themes In Gaming - Spring Yard Zone - Sonic The Hedgehog

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Gonna keep this one short and sweet. :)

This song simultaneously does things for me personally that few songs succeed in doing. It not only takes me back to the time that I first heard it, but it also kind of epitomizes an era in time for me. When I hear this song, basically, I think back to my childhood in the early 90s. It's just a fun, almost carnival like, tune that absolutely matches the feel and tone of the level it plays in. The Spring Yard Zone in the original Sonic The Hedgehog was filled with many drops, spring jumps (naturally) secret areas and inventive obstacles that forced you to think about how you were going to proceed.

Also the level was just fun to look at. It seemed to take place against the backdrop of some kind of city near dusk, but the music made the level seem more fun than it was dangerous. Unlike the Marble Zone, which was like a ruin of lots of hidden rooms and traps and things. I'd never want to personally visit that zone. But the Spring Yard Zone, sure! Seems like fun!


And here's an ultra smooth jazz cover of this same song. I love it to bits! And so you will you, fellow bitlanders!

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