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Nearly six years ago, comes to my hands a book titled "History of a broken heart ... and maybe a pair of fangs" The story of a typical teenager who lives in love for the first time those magical feelings. The way to tell this story was really shocking, I considered it my favorite books, I could say that today. I met several of his books, such as "Almost half a year" or "An angel on the roof and other Christmas stories"

In 2014 as every year, I rided at the National Arts Centre (CENART) in November for the traditional International Fair of Children's Book (FILIJ). When I heard from the speakers that Mónica Beltran Brozón was on the premises at an autograph signing. You can imagine that my eyes were opened and leaving my way I went to where she wast, to not go at all prepared, I bought one of his books at the time, that's how it came to me, "Memories of a friend (almost) true" which was dedicated to me and signed by her. Although it was not my question, the answer she gave I have not been able to forget, one of the books that drove and inspired to write was: "The Mysterious Stranger" by Mark Twain, that I have not read, but this in my wish-list.

Later in that same emotion I wanted to read "Dracula Madero ... An all-inclusive trip to the Ten Tragic" a book that included my love for history and beautiful way of writing M. B. Brozón.

And now a short biography:
He studied communication sciences at the UIA. He received a diploma in creative writing from the SOGEM. He won several awards including:

  • Children's Literature Award "Steamboat" 1996 novel Almost half the year.

  • Children's Literature Prize "At the Edge of the Wind" 1997 novel by the nonexistent space Odyssey.

  • Children's Literature Award "Steamboat" 2001 novel The princesses are always well groomed.

  • Bank Screenwriting Award 2001 by the feature film script Contratiempo.

  • Children's Literature Prize Juan de la Cabada, the novel Memoirs of a friend (almost) true.

  • Jugendliteraturpreis "Wide Angle" 2008 novel 36 kilos.

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