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If you want to play around with cryptocurrencies without spending money then you can 'earn' some small amounts from so-called faucet sites. These give you a small amount on each visit. They generally make their money from advertising and will not work if you are using an ad blocker. You should be able to turn it of for those specific sites.

First of all you need somewhere to put what you make. I would suggest opening accounts on Xapo for your Bitcoin and Bleutrade for others

Bleutrade has a series of faucets that can give you many types of coin that you can then trade. There's Bleufaucet where you play a matching game and a series of pages that pay out in each currency.

Here is a comprehensive list of other bitcoin faucets you can also try. I like Moonbit that you can use every 5 minutes and Bitcoin Zebra that pays a random amount every hour. Related to these is Moon Dogecoin.

Do not expect to get rich from these, but if you have some spare time each day you can make a few cents. Good luck

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