My First Blog, Happy To See A Site Like Bitlanders

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Hey everyone,

So I'm writing this as I'm playing around with bitlanders. Seems pretty cool so far. You have avatars you can dress up, daily rewards to keep you busy and a way to make money from your blogging. From a review I read you get paid based on your buzz score, which you can get up from views.

I am happy to see more and more sites that are paying people for their content. It is an area that has a way to go, but writers, photographers and others in the content-creating field need sites like bitlanders if they are going to make money in their field before they "make it big". The level of money for those at the bottom and those at the top is too wide and while I am in no way taking anything away from those who have made it, there are a lot who are struggling to make a living off of these fields.

I'm not sure what to expect from this site. This post in a way is a test to see how it works and if this is a site that is worth putting the work into. I would like to write original shorts and other articles for this site if the interest is there, including possible exclusive posts.   

For any one more familiar with this site please let me know about any tips or tricks or if there is an area of interest you would like to see me write about.

Have a nice weekend people of bitlandia :)

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