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Hello everyone! Welcome ME!

This is my first time to blog. It is my first post actually. Obviously, i  just signed up and see how it goes.

So I would want to start out with blogging. What is Blogging anyway? FIrst and foremost though, what is a Blog?

Well, one dictionary referred to BLOG "as a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style."

I learned that a BLOG is actually was a shortened term for "web log". Get it? Web log --- blog. Witty.

So coming from that term, an individual writes a journal for a day in his webpage/site. It is pretty simple actually because there are some free-blogging sites (say, uhm, BITLANDERS), that does not require one to have a full knowledge of making their own website. A blog also is able to "interact" with the readers in the comment section following a post.

What do I know about Blogging? 

Well, i know for sure that blogging is like an online diary. Yeah, a diary except that you would want the world to read what you have written. Unlike a real diary where you keep it in the most secret places and no one should be able to read it, or else it would mean World War 3! *winks* In a blog, you could write down your daily thoughts, whatever it is that seems relevant to you. You could talk about your daily activities, what interests you, your hobbies and tips on whatever. You could even express your thoughts on current events, involve or persuade people in your beliefs. Or you could even rant all you want on your blog. It is yours anyway. 

Then share it to the netizens, and whoala! You are a blogger!

However, some people take blogging to a more "professional" level as they use it to advertise their product or service or whatever and EARN. Others though use blogs to express themselves, and EARN. They talk about what interests them and EARN. They give out do's and don'ts of their hobbies or activities and EARN. They make tutorial on things and EARN. It is great, right?!

So, what differentiates a blog and a website? It may be rather tough to answer since both uses the internet and both gets a page. Well, from what I know is that blogging is updated on a regular basis whereas a website does not need regular update. Having that in mind, blogging needs a great effort in order to maintain one. Let me repeat that, it needs great E-F-F-O-R-T.


But inspite, and despite of all the effort needed to make a blog, much less to maintain a blog, the question is why do may succumb to blogging?

I know for one that blogging can generate income. (Bitlanders, here I come!) Having that opportunity to earn from it is a great magnet to everyone. And is reasonable in itself. 

In this social-media-generation, blogging is also an avenue for entrepreneurs to reach and "interact" with their target customers.

Another reason that many are into blogging is for them to express themselves. There are those who love to eat and therefore become food bloggers. They just basically review and post series of restaurants or whatever they have eaten. There are those who travel a lot and make travel blogs. These are helpful for a lot of people to get information first hand. Earning from it is just simply a bonus. An icing to a cake. 

So that got me thinking on what should I be blogging about? I do not know exactly what. Well, I am a mom. A housewife. WIth a business to handle. Nothing "bloggable" about that, really. But then, I figured out that blogging could be my way of expressing myself, and destressing my self from all household chores, from all the mommy duties. So, yes, blogging might just be an outlet to get my creative juices to work. They have been stucked for quite a while now (explains any grammatical errors here, pardon me please). ^_^

So here, I am writing here. Or more apt to say, blogging here. Nothing serious, just yet. It made me think that Bitlanders could just be a great avenue to start out my blogging career. Yipee! *fingers crossed*

But they say that to be a successful blogger, one should write something about what she is passionate about. The CONTENT should be interesting enough to be "sold" or read by the online community. With that in mind, a blogger should be able to figure out what the online community wanted to read. However, it is also helpful to be yourself. Do not try to be someone you are not. 

However, before I actually start blogging. I came across one particular link that I guess is very helpful for beginners like myself. It is very concise and easily understood. It must be on the top our head to be able to write down a good, if not an excellent, blog.


So what do you say? Is blogging easy? Well, Blogging I say is easy as A-B-C.

But, a big BUT, when you truly are serious about blogging, I learned that there is actually more to it that what you see. It actually requires one to squeeze those juices out of your head. Specifically, your brain. ^_^ In other words, one have to think. And for many, thinking can be very difficult as we are very much used to the click-and-get idea.  Blogging needs a lot of dedication - putting your heart and mind into it.  

Just by thinking on what topic to write about can be challenging already. What more to keep it going, keep it active so that your readers will always be excited to read something new from your blog. Have new content every so often. Research and write only facts. That way, you will keep your blog running and earn yourself readers and maybe advertisements where you can earn from in return.

So in the end, blogging maybe time-consuming. Blogging may require a lot of effort. Blogging may not pay-off all at once. Blogging may be frustrating. But blogging could be a very good avenue for moms like me to get to doing something, well, worthwhile. And yes, could earn from it somehow.

Here is a video on how to make money out of blogging:

 SO there, I hope you learned something from this, as i learned something from writing it. Until next blog. Thanks for reading and feel free to comment.

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