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I thought since this is my first blog I will start off easy, so let's talk about god religion and the church, shall we.

  First, off GOD I always wondered since I was old enough to wonder anyway why are humans so obsessed with insisting that there is something or someone above us someone that controls our every move, it is like we want him to so we can shake off the responsibility of our lives and the choices that WE make so we can have an excuse to act as egomaniac pricks and not care about what we do or what the consequences of our actions are.

 Religion and church, now I feel like I have to state something I have nothing against religion I think it is a marvelous thing to have it has pushed a few humans to achieve and do great thing with their lives, even if somebody does a good deed out of fear of punishment or expectancy of reward a good deed is a good deed none the less. BUT and hear me out here I have everything against churches(with churches I mean, mosques and any other building that is run by egomaniac man who cares about no one but themselves ). I just always found it ironic how we build multi-million dollar structures just so we can go inside and pray to God to save the poor, how people donate millions and billions to the Catholic church so we can have a pope come out of his billion dollar palace sit on his million dollar church and bless the poor children in Africa who are starving.

  Well i think i will leave it at that for now ,till next time 

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