My First Job

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Before I graduated with my degree, I had my first ever job! ^_^ I worked in a bpo industry for summer job. I want to experience what it feels like to be a call center agent. When I passed the interview, I was like, WOOOOOW I PASSED! I really can't believe it because my fear in finding a job is interview. The company I worked on is at SPi Global. My work experience there is so great! Even thpugh the time is very short, the people there are so friendly. My contract there extended until the end of June. But when I received again an extension letter, I refused to sign it with a very sad look. I really don't want to eave that company but because I was hired by another company, not in the bpo industry, I was forced not to extend. I told my team leader that I will go back in this company next ramp.. And my team leader says that the door is always open to get back there. That is how good their company was! I almost cry when my team leader is speaking. (joke!) But seriously speaking, it made me feel really sad to leave that company. My first ever experience in my first job is really unforgettable and it will remain a treasure in my heart. What is your exeperience with your first ever job?

You can visit the website to know more about SPi Global.. :)

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