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My name is Jahanzaib I am going to tell u about my first project at in my university in 3rd semester. My project was power supply . I make my project with my hand with the help of my respective teachers. Now I am going to tell all information of this project.

1.Abstract and proposed:-

I use following rating of components to obtain the DC Power Supply of  220 volt AC to 12 volt DC. First I use 4 diodes of 1N4007 and 1 Capacitor of  2200 micro farad and then 1 Transformer step down of  220 t0 12 volt,1 LED white with 1 Resistance of 1 kilo ohm and 1 Variable resistor  of 1 to 10 kilo ohm.

2. Construction:-

First of all, I perches all components from electronics shop of components. Then I design the circuit on paper of power supply that called circuits designing.And I Print the circuit of power supply with permanent marker on PCB that process called circuit printing the PCB called print circuit board. I mix the ferric coluride (Fecl4) in hot water and I wash PCB in this water that process is called eaching. Next I am drilling on PCB where I want injecting components that called drilling. I place all components transformer diodes resistance variable resistance LED capacitor that process called placing components. I inject all components with solder that process is called soldering. I test all connection with volt meter. Then I test my project with supply. I give 220 volt AC on input and I found 12 volt DC on the output terminal.

3. Working:

First I give AC input on input on terminal of transformer. Second Transformer converts the 220 AC volts to in 12 AC volts. That AC 12 volt goes in bridge rectifier and rectifier conduct in negative and positive cycle of output of transformer. The bridge rectifier convert the AC volt to pulsating DC on his output terminal .That output goes in led to capacitor and led connect in series with resistance and parallel with circuit. Charging and discharging of capacitor converts output of rectifier to pure DC supply. And capacitor output go in variable resistance with variable resistance we control the voltage.

4. Cost Analysis:

The cost analysis of my project has costly low amount that is affordable for me 230 rupees is total amount of my project that was easy for me.

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