My first reward received from Bitlanders to my Bitcoin Wallet

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First ever reward requested last 3-10-15 successfully delivered into my newly created bitcoin wallet at website. Fresh online wallet without any balance and for the purpose of experiment and experience on how everything works, if I will be successful for setting up everything and use it regularly.

Glad to know that everything works fine though takes several days to verify my account due to some requirements which needed to be completed before everything works smooth. Verification at takes 3 days or more, forgot about the number of days but I am sure that it takes more than 2 days processing, submitting all the necessary requirements such as Identification card and address verification. 


Request for bitcoins reward time at Bitlanders!

This was the first time redemption, no idea of what will going to happen and how it will be process but trusting myself and adding more confident keeps everything going smooth transaction. As my balance reaches the amount 0.030 mBtc it catches my attention and boost my eagerness to make a request of the rewards for the effort I inserted since the day of registration here in Bitlanders. I think and believed that all of us works and is worth it to get the rewards so I did move over to the Shop section and looked for the Payment feature and found it in a second blink of an eye due to excitement.

There goes the redeem requested on the query now and is confirmed by the accounting section of the system. "Confirmed" label means it is sure win, surely it will be delivered into my wallet as soon as possible.

But wait!

An email received from the customer support of Bitlanders stating the process of verification where I need to submit some documents and proof of my identity as it is the normal and legal ways of verifying or identifying real members of the program. To make the transaction fast to process, immediately submitted all the required documents as notice all the documents required at are also the proof Bitlanders want me to submit so it is easy for me to do it since I already experienced the same processing.


Payment received few days later after the verification process was completed and the money is now kept on my wallet. It was worth it, all the hard work, the effort of being online and working in Bitlanders was turn into happiness.

For the first time I received this amount online, very encouraging and that is why until this time I still work and active on this site, looking forward as well as waiting for my next request for rewards which maybe redeem tomorrow. Claiming it!

Thank you guys for the help and support!

You're subscription and buzz able me to reached that certain amount faster than usual.

Let's keep working and active daily!

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