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For blogs and galleries, I had submitted my entries for review already and at this point, I want to do it with my video too! Well oh well, my videos are actually crappy so I was really confused as to which one should I be submitting. You know ten gems is still expensive and I don’t want to just submit one crappy video.

However, when I checked on my video list, I still couldn’t decide as to which one I should be submitting. It’s just that there are too many short ones yet they don’t have good messages in them. So now, I thought how about if I will just edit them and make a brand new video? I think it is a bright idea.

And so I pulled up my video editor software and started playing around. Oh I just realized, I have not used this for quite some time and I am now lost with how to do it. I have to figure out how I can place them up together and add some texts and images as well as audio. It took me hours to complete it though. But then I still worked on it and although it wasn’t really that good enough, it was the best that I can do for that time so I submitted it.

I am pretty sure that it won’t get a good score but I will be receiving feed backs by then so I know how and where to improve. Check the video about my Whale Shark Experience.

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