My friend fell in love last night

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It was around 12:45 AM at night yesterday, my friend called me and said that he is in love, I was just amazed, we  were good friends and I knew that he had no girl in his life but desperately looking for, in fact we all are helping him in searching for a girl of his choice, we had a talk last evening around 8 PM but there was no sign of this good news. Then suddenly how it all happened, that was my question.

I asked him more details but he said that he will give me call today morning and will explain everything.Just now got a call form him and here what he says in his own words.

" Yesterday night, after had a chat with you in mall, went to a pub, had some beer then left from there at around 10:30PM, I was driving my car through the lonely highway, then suddenly my eyes fell on a group of guys who were teasing a girl as she was walking down the road, the guys were on bike. I stopped my car ahead of them and stepped out, luckily I was having a fake revolver which I bought for my brother sometime back and I forgot to gave him and so it was in my car. I tried my luck to fear them with that, I took the revolver in my hand and started advancing towards them, as soon as they say the revolver they increased their speed and drove off, maybe they thought I am a policeman.

The girl was very scared and was in tears, she couldn't talk, her whole body was shivering with fear. I comforted her and told her that she is safe now. I insisted to get inside car as I will drop her home but she feared, I could feel the fear in her eyes, after all I am a stranger how could she trust but I couldn't leave her there and drive away as the bad guys may come again after her.So, I left car on the highway and started walking with her, as her home was only half an hour distance from there. I asked her why she is walking alone at this point of time.She said that she was returning from a marriage party and she couldn't get any vehicle for returning home. She forgot her mobile so couldn't call anyone. So, I immediately gave a call at her home as they might be worried and told them that I am her friend and we are on her way to home.

I started walking with her on the way we introduced with each other and we talked about many things, and truly speaking I was in love with her. Soon we reached her home, I waved her good bye, she said thanks a lot, I will never this night in my life and thanks for saving me, thanks a lot, her eyes was filled with tears. I went ahead and touched her hand and said be safe, saying this I turned to leave, she called me from back and said, will you save me if I fall in same trouble in future. I turned and said yes, offcourse. She said, then do please save my number, the number you called at home was my cell number.

I understood what she meant, we both smiled and she headed towards her home."



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