My homeland the Dominican Republic

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Where we are and what we have?

We are located in the eastern part of the island of Hispaniola, currently, the island of Santo Domingo, located in the Caribbean Sea ,shared with the nation of Haiti, the Dominican Republic (a democratic nation) is a country of lush beauty in our 48.311 square kilometers, we have beaches, rivers, mountains, lakes, in complete natural harmony .

The island of Hispaniola

It is the island that Christopher Columbus found on 5 December 1492, where after his brother founded the city of Santo Domingo, the first city of the Americas.

Our beaches

Suffice to say that our small country, contains more than 600 kilometers of beaches of white and golden sands. Hundreds of hotels that provide direct access, free beaches and recreation.

Mountains and rivers

With lush forest, the mountains of the Dominican Republic form a true paradise. With more than a dozen protected forest areas, where you can enjoy unexplored territory and nature at its most sublime expression. The rivers of fresh, clear and clean water coming out of these prodigious mountains.


In the Dominican Republic we have friendly people, with a great desire to serve and help. Happy people who wake up each morning with an incredible desire to work, and we are also people who have a high commitment to the protection and care of the environment.


In the Dominican Republic we love dance music, rhythm our most precious is the merengue which we argue his authorship, bachata, which is undoubtedly ours, we love the salsa music, and our typical merengue.



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