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When a person becomes tired of being tired all day with my work is free House, a place. The exhaustion of the day away. It gives a pleasant environment that refresh it again. It makes a man healthy and blooming once again. Yes only for every human being who is a place where free and absolutely free on. Because the people of the whole family in this House. Well, it would be wrong to say that it was not that my house is like a paradise. Because it is a house your home for all like heaven. But still, I would say that in my house no less than paradise.

I'm in my house because it's heaven that one of the world's greatest. That is my mother and all the great Murray father. The House in which they say they don't have a mother, is fine as the graveyard. Because the mother is the only person who love their children more than all the world, and then the feet of heaven. In addition to the value of any thing even then. When he was away from it and I have the same situation.

Because I am away from home two years out from home in their education. How happy a man in the House, I go home, my entire family that occurs when. How to spend time with Hussain. Flowers in the home as children that same heart to see relief. Therefore I say, my house is like a paradise even for the most in the world, that there are relationship Hussain.

Go to all my troubles, I forget. I feel happy yourself is not mandatory in the House, all the luxuries luxurious is there, then we have a large warehouse like building or will they be persuaded, though heaven-made the marble. All these things are not important at all. Because humans do not rest objects to human beings. They also like that which your loved ones. Then, even if a home room. But for a man it is not less than paradise.


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