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Hello Friends how are you all. I am sure that all of you are good.

So friends! Today the topic of my blog is about my beautiful home



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Living in one’s own house is a great blessing nobody will order to vacate the house at any time you need not worry about the first of every month for the payment of rent. Is our house is small no problem. But you are living on a rent that’s a problem. It is a great blessing of god. If any man is living his own he was very happy. If you can’t buy a new house so you will be need to live on a rent.

My house


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I live in a small room. It is situated in model town. It is quite new. I am very that I am living in my house. It situated in model town. My house contains 6 rooms. 3 rooms have an attached bathroom. We have two stores and 2 kitchens. My house has two storey’s. On the 2nd floor we have 4 beds room included kitchen and hall. The hall of my home is so beautiful. In hall we watch TV. We also have 4 TV’s and 2 Computers.

First room


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First room is the room of my elder brother. My brother love to reads novels. My brother rooms are filling with books. Mostly he read that book which is about the love stories. One computer lying in my brother room. My brother room is airy and ventilated. The bed room of my brother room is covered with wall to wall carpet. In brother room also contain an air condition. My brother loves to work in a garden. There are many plants and trees in my house. My elder brother loves to play cricket.

Second room


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The second room is my sister room. He read stories. There are six chair and one desk in my sister room. But there is no computer and no TV in my sister room. My sisters hobby is cooking food. And the favorite dish of my sister roasted chicken. He eats roasted chicken very much. Also he can roast the chicken easily and quickly. But he hate carrot and other goods of this kind. He is very fond of reading novel and playing luddo with me. Mostly he play TEKKEN 5 the dark resurrection. He is not allowed to play games on PC. My sister room has an attached bathroom. His also contain double bed in his room.

Third room


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This room is my small brother room. He is very fond of playing games. My small brother is reading 7th class. The school of my small brother is very big. My small brother is very naughty boy. But he is very sharp and intelligent. His always got position in the class. He is the monitor of his class. He wears neat and clean dress. his favorite PC game is the witcher 3 wild hunt. He plays it mostly.

Fourth and Fifth room


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Fourth room is my mother room and fifth room is my father room. My father is in Saudi Arabia. And my mother is a teacher. The age of my mother is about 45 and my father age is 40 year. My father comes back in Pakistan in 2019. I love my father mostly included my mother and brother and sisters.

Sixth room


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Sixth room is my room. I am very fond of reading novels and playing. I am reading in first year. I love my house very much. On first floor my home a hall. Mostly there we saw TV. We have four TV’s in my home. In hall TV the size of TV is about 52’ inch. It was a huge TV/LCD. My house is completely is covered with wall to wall carpet. We also have internet connection in home. But I am not fond of using face book because it’s too boring. But I am mostly happy that I am a member of bitlanders. My friend Asad Munib told me about bitlanders. His account is blocked now he is using seemab named account. He is also my computer teacher. I am learning work of hardware and software from him. His is a master of computer.

Second floor room


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The second floor of my home is so beautiful and well decorated. There are 4 bed rooms in my house 2nd floor. There are also we have one kitchen in my house second floor. There are two attached bathroom with my 2nd floor rooms. Yesterday is the days of marry making. Yesterday have rain cats and dogs. The street was soon full of water. There was ankle deep water everywhere. It seems that we are living is a river. But there are many facilities in my home.

2nd floor hall


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Now I am going to tell you about hall. On the second floor is very good and beautifully decorated. 1st floor hall is big other than 2nd floor hall. All of my family member generally sit there. It is also a reception room. We are living in a city. This environment of my is very good. But the horn’s of cars buses truck and traffic is too bad. Nothing is good without our home.

Garden in house


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And there is a beautiful garden in my house. This is a big and good and beautiful garden. My loves to work in the garden and she looks after the garden. There are most beautiful flowers in my house garden. Also we have a big trees of fruits in our garden. If any fruit we need it is available and no need to went the shop.

Car and bike


We have also a car and two bikes. My bike is to beautiful. If anything we need went on the bazaar and buy it. And the car it is drive by my elder brother. My elder brother is a good driver.


So Friends! Here you completely understand that living in one’s own house is a great blessing of god.


So friends! I hope that you have accepted my blog








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