My Insights About Road Constructions As Government Projects

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Every time we go home to my mother's birth place, traffic is the number one problem that we always encounter. And how I hate to know the cause of that traffic - it's none other than road constructions. Seriously politicians? How often do you need to break and reconstruct these roads? 

We all know that they do it for the sake of kickback. Of money. How corrupt. Eh kasi naman buo naman yung kalsada tapos sisirain nanaman! Imagine how hassle it could be for people who always travel and also for the commuters. Such a waste of time. Ang ending kasi nyan, nagiging one way yung kalsada so it would be a give and take process for a span of 30 freakin' minutes or more. 

Dear politicians, could you just leave those roads alone and just concentrate on generating better projects than this that could benefit more people? I'm serious and I mean it. Galit na ko. Grr hahaha

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