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My Introduction to Bitlanders

Hi Everyone, after reading a blogpost on Steemit about Bitlanders, I decided to check it out.

Well, needless to say I wouldn't have made this post if I didn't thought this was an amazing and better platform than Steemit. I love being able to interact with others.


Since I am new I would like to tell you something more about myself. 

My name is Tanya and I live in the wonderful country, Namibia.


Here is a few pictures we took when we lived close to the Etosha National Park


I am married to the love of my life and we have three wonderful children together. 


My husband and I are both teachers. Well, let's just say we are a special kind of crazy. I am a special needs educator and love my job a lot, but on days like today I honestly wonder why I am still teaching. 

I love working with kids, making a difference and seeing that "light-bulb" moment happening. Seeing a child grow, develop and explore their surroundings, makes my day. 


Apart from teaching I love doing research and learning new things, makes me wonder why I never went into a research job, but decided on teaching. 


I hope this post finds you well and that you would follow my blog. 


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