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My real passion is photography, mostly taking surreal mannequin photographs. I started photography during the early 90s, after I graduated from college in 1987 and bought my first camera, Minolta 5000 with 50mm lens. During the summertime, I took a couple of photography classes to learn the basics as well as develop my own film. It was an interesting process. I discovered my interest in taking mannequin photographs when I took a summer class at UCI. Many people in the class encouraged to take more mannequin photographs.I was also good at staging assignments. But my surreal mannequin photographs have evolved into a new level. I try to blur the line between reality and fantasy. I have now been doing surreal mannequin photographs with my iPhone because it is small and easy to carry around everywhere and anytime. 


During the 90s, I have also photographed three weddings, mostly as a second photographer because I feel I have an artistic and unconventional style. I got to travel to Beverly Hills, Seattle and San Francisco to shoot these weddings. 

I also enjoy taking Street Photography, and I recently took some snapshots at the local artist village. 

Three years ago, on my birthday, I did a couple of videos of the Alessia Cara musical festival at a local mall. Although I used my iPhone, I like the effects because of all the bright and colorful lights, iPhones competing to get a good snapshot of the singer, and the overall interaction between the fans in the audience and the singer on the stage. It appeared similar to a music concert.

Two years ago, I inherited my late mother's Canon EOS 650 camera with a zoom lens. And, four years ago, I joined a Canon meetup group in order to further improve my photography skills. So, I am always growing, learning, and improving. 

I recently attended a Canon workshop about shooting concerts. I agree that nighttime and dark areas should be shot with manual mode, in which I need to practice a lot because I often use autofocus.

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Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, but raised in USA. BA in Social Science from UCI, MBA from WU, and Graphics diploma from Platt. Self-Published my first novel on LULU site, and I just finished my second novel, but currently proofing phase. I currently reside in SoCali with my cat.

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