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It has been most perplexing thing for me to know exactly what life is. Even with the profound knowledge it cannot be ascertained what life is. Similar incidents have occurred to me who have made me to wonder whether life is a bounty to be honored or it is something vile to be hated. Religion, Science, History etc all strive to answer the simple question what life is but none has in fact solved it and the problem still persists with me

For me life is a perpetuating puzzle which needs to be solved by us. It brings both misery and fortune and it also renders us the way to unveil the truth behind it. It is nothing but continuous struggle for some to at least have minimum food to avoid starvation and for some it is something to be enjoyed at maximum and to care little about whether other lives or die. Both extremes exit which further adds to my confusion about what real life is.

With this confusion I pass days and nights and live my life. There are days I am happy and elated but there are several other days I quest for happiness. For me life is something that is to be enjoyed by doing well. Everyone has some qualities and characteristics that make an individual unique.  For me those qualities are useless if I cannot make use of them. For me the life is useless if I cannot provide good to others from my qualities.

Life is full of experiences. Those experiences make or destroy life. Every experience provides something valuable that assists in my understanding about life and after every experience I come to conclusion that life has some purpose. For me the purpose of life is to attain the Nobel good and in this regard we have to weather the storm. Those hardships make us strong, brave and help us to get better insight of life and to understand why  we are made human and not animals.

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