My Long Distance Relationship..

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When unfamiliar people learn about my relationship, they usually respond with shock, confusion and a laundry list of questions. I'm simply in a long-distance relationship. & by long distance, I mean really, really long distance, like, across the Atlantic Ocean.. lol

Many people fails to understand why I'm passing my glory years ,my 20s , with a girl whom I barely see. Yes, I admit, its really hard to meet somebody you love almost exclusively over Skype. I often experience deep sadness when we're apart and wish that our relationship could just be normal. Even when we're together, there's always generally a small twinge of melancholy present, as I know that the moment is fleeting.

But really, as difficult as it may be, I regret nothing. In fact, with every passing day, even the really hard ones, I realize more and more that I couldn't have made a better decision if I tried. I have come to appreciate my long-distance relationship and the opportunities with which it affords me. As a 20 something, I'm considerably new to the real world. Up until this point in my life, I have had parents, teachers and various advisers to help guide me through tough choices. In fact, my whole life has been an intricate game of Simon Says lol, like I had always been told what to do and then, I listen. It was a comfortable existence, but now was time to move on & I'm prepared to begin to take hold of my future with her.

Yes I don't have her to hug me when I'm having a bad day. My girl can't meet with me during my lunch when I don't want to eat alone. But I'm learning how to survive & take care of myself and her at the same time, which is vital, in my opinion. Yet, although I might be on my own, I'm never actually alone. Sure, my girl can't physically comfort me or take me out on dates, but she is never more than a quick text message away. While I value my time alone, I've never been more grateful for my wife's virtual presence. She's my safety net and my outlet after a tiring day


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