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Hello fellows! As you all know we are about to step in, in a new year. 2017 is taking off and 2018 is at the door. I hope like me you guys also gain new experiences from this year. Everyone sees his/her faults and then try to overcome them. I also observed my flaws and want to improve all of them.

This article is all about New Year’s resolution. Here is a list of my resolutions. I hope all these resolutions should be accomplished by me in the coming year. Let’s start with the definition of resolution.

What is New Year resolution?

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"A New Year's resolution is a tradition, most common in the Western Hemisphere but also found in the Eastern Hemisphere, in which a person resolves to change an undesired trait or behavior, to accomplish a personal goal or otherwise improve their life."

source: wikipedia

New Year resolution is a kind of promise or commitment a person make on New Year. The resolution can be anything. The purpose of the resolution is an improvement. A person makes a resolution for excelling and taking control over his deficiencies.

New Year resolution is beneficial in making yourself better. Your personality gets developed when you focus on all weak points. The passing year gives you an idea about all your activities. And you can clearly differentiate between the strong and weak areas.


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I also observe myself thoroughly. After observing in detail I make a list of my New Year resolution. These are:


**Focusing on bitlanders**


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This year I have started up with bitlanders. I m working on this site for last 4 months. My position is not much remarkable during these months. But now I have prepared myself for seriously working on this site. I was not giving proper time to this site due to my irresponsible behavior.

But, all those mistakes I made in 2017 I will try to overcome them. It’s a new year, new and positive changes are compulsory. So, I will also keep myself active and work regularly on bitlanders.


**Giving proper time to studies**


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Besides working, I did not manage my studies last year. In the past year, I did not really focus on studies. All my quiz and assignments go really bad. I start taking my studies for granted. My teachers always advised me to put effort into studies. But I didn’t. This year I have planned to give proper time to studies. I will never bunk my classes and listen to the teacher carefully. I hope this resolution brings pleasant changes in my grades.


**I will help my mother in kitchen**


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Going to the university and working online is all I do. I didn’t give time to my family. All I do is sleeping, eating and using a laptop. My mother often complains me about not helping her. But I did not listen to her carefully. This year I will try to give a part of my time to my family.

I will try to help a mother in the kitchen. I will also try to help my siblings in studies. I hope I will complete all these tasks. My mother will be really happy if I fulfill this resolution.


**I will never waste time**


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I am a very lazy person. I spend most of my time by sitting idle. I often sleep and then get up after a long time. Much of my time is wasted in sleeping.

Besides sleeping, a part of my time is wasted on television. Whenever I get free I watch Turkish drama serials. In the coming year, I will never waste my time on such meaningless stuff. As it’s a famous quote:

“Time is money.”

I will also try to use my time in the best manner. I will use my time for getting better each day. I hope these resolutions make me consistent.


**I will never think much**


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"If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you'll never get it done."

(Bruce Lee)

As the quote demonstrates. Thinking all the time cause you depression. A person who is habitual of thinking can never get out of his/her imaginary world. I m also that sort of person, who use to think in free time. This habit makes me sad without any reason. I m very worried about this. I don’t want to think more. This year I have made a promise to myself that I will never think too much. I am not going to take tensions anymore. I will keep myself calm and cool. I hope this resolution brings a smile on my face.


**I will try to reduce my weight**

"A fit, healthy body-That is the best fashion statement."

(Jess C. Scott)

In 2017, my weight was almost 47kg. I think I am a bit overweighted. This year, I will try to reduce my weight. I will try to bring myself to 45kg. It’s a bit difficult for a foodie person like me to reduce weight. I will never have a zip in my mouth when junk food is in front of me. Junk food is causing me weight gain. I will try to cut down junk food from my life. So that, I will be fit and smart.

This is one of the most difficult resolutions I have planned. I hope I did not cheat on that. I will be really happy after reducing weight.


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**I will adopt the habit of walking and exercise**


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As I said I am a lazy person. I did not do physical work. Sitting in one place is my habit. Physical work and exercise are really essential. My laziness proves to be harmful to me. So, I thought of having some exercise with the New Year. In this year, I will get rid of my laziness and try to do physical work. I will give 30 minutes to morning walk each day. I hope these changes make me active and healthy.


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All these are my New Year resolutions. I hope all of you also have some. Comment below your resolutions. So, that I will also get the idea. I hope all these resolutions last for whole year. I will try to be consistent in my activities. Change is essential for improvement. So, try to bring positive changes to you.


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