My Pass Time Hobby, ORIGAMI.

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Origami making is one of my favorite pass time since I was little.

Today, here in the Philippines. Typhoon named "Lando" have been making hard for the Filipino people for almost a week now. Black outs, no phone services, market were closed, and no internet access. 

Since it's black out and no internet services, I collected some news papers from last week issues to start making some origamis. My son who is only a 7 years old asked me what I'm doing and I explained and showed him what origami is. 

Even now that the lights were back. My son won't stop making origami and asking me some new types or shapes of it so he can make more. 

If you've seen in the photo. The frog on the left side is what my son made and its seem to more accurate and beautiful than what I've shown him.

It's so nice to teach our children what we learned before since now that electronic, gadgets, Iphones, and many more has been invading the child's mind. 

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