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Anyone here using Xapo?

I am a user and I have not encountered any issue with the site until this week. I had redeemed an amount of 0.05 Bitcoin from Bitlanders maybe almost a week now. Due to the identification requirements in Bitlanders, it took time for me to receive my payment. I was not actually concerned about it that much as I have already sent my passport copy via email to the Bitlanders costumer service. And yes after two days, I received a notification that it has been added to my xapo wallet address. The issue then came.

I know I was at fault on this. The story was that xapo sent me some reminders that they require certain information to be added to my xapo account. I took it for granted and never thought this could actually do something about my recent redemption.When Bitlanders sent the note about my redemption, I immediately checked my xapo account because I didn't receive an email regarding it. 

By the way, my favorite part of xapo is the log in page:

Anyways, after logging in, I had confirmed that nothing had been received. They even asked me to enter certain code which they had sent to my mobile. Glad my mobile received that code and I was able to successfully log in to my account.

Surprisingly, xapo had blocked me from viewing my xapo wallet address! My heart beats faster then. But wait, there was an option and that's to enter certain security info like my passport number of any government number. I did enter those details and got the xapo wallet address up on my screen! I waited for the amount to come in but nothing had showed up so far. I couldn't just let it be like that so I had thought of emailing the support for xapo.

My email was :

I am grateful that their response didn't take long. I had received a response in less than a day and I guess that is really a good costumer service. Here's a response from one of their staffs:

I had read a lot of feed backs about xapo as a "not so nice" bitcoin wallet but I am giving it a chance and I will wait for them to get my bitcoin funds. I hope I can receive them as soon as possible.

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