My Perception about Saving Money while the Sun is up (for the FUTURE)

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“A simple fact that is hard to learn is that the time to save money is when you have some.”

-Joe Moore via


Hello to all the People out there! (NellShaOza here~)Who are literally reading my blog :D and as you read this sentences I can say that you are fond and interesting in Saving money ~ With my little knowledge about saving, hope to help other people to have the mindset saving. Well This simple Guide and Perception of my mind may help you to achieve whatever goal you want to have. Read and Execute everyone. Enjoy! ~



a Currency in which we work for to have everything we need and everything we want and a thing that everyone always wanted to have, and majority of the population will do anything just to have this.

Money Currency may vary in different country, each country has different amount of currency. This happened because of the increasing or decreasing economy balance of certain state. The Money based that is widely used in the world is US Dollars, it is the main basing of transaction especially to those people who buy,sell or invest things internationally.

Image Source: via Google Currency Converter

These are some of the currency from the different country which is active here in BitLanders , Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippine and Bulgarian. I converted the 3 to Philippine Peso (My Country) and they came to be with the same ranges like 48-50 php (1 dollar)

You may be confused why I stated all of this and defined money, It is for the reason of you to appreciate its concept. That you will know the importance of everyday circulating of money, for you to be practical. In my age which is 18, I learned so much in running money in a way of budgeting. My Mom and Dad used to tell us to save money if we want to buy something, They told us that no matter what happen even you only have a few pennies/coins, SAVE it FOR THE FUTURE. 

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Simple. To live essentially, When I say essentially, it is the matter of being happy in having the things you want and especially the things YOU NEED. You do not need a million dollars overnight right? All you need to have is to be practical in your money, Practical in a way of having a money that suits for your desire, living and sharing.

Like in every Video games, Saving is to continue and be on the next level for the next time you play. When you didn't save a game, You've enjoyed the entire play but you will lose everything you play for. Just like saving money, You have the opportunity to save whats left on you but you choose not to, This might lead to loosing what you work for.

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 “It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for.”

- Robert Kiyosaki via



This Tips that would be listed are the tips that I know is somehow effective and a lot of people I know use this. You might not save a lot of money buy this but it will surely a great help for you.

1. Use PIGGY BANKS/Container for Coins and bills.

I know this is kinda basic but trust me, It works! It really really works, Especially for a student like me and I believe it's also for you. Just learn to put away those coins or bills that will not affect your daily budget.

My mom is currently on the Oplan: Don't make Piggy starving (Yellow Big Piggy bank that was bought for 50 php - 1 dollars) , She put every coins that is left in our tables and even in our pockets. The funny thing is that, My dad keeps on leaving his bunch of coins in the dining table, and without his knowledge, He fulled a large container of coins.

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2. Put Label in every Container 

Do you want to buy something and you don't know where to start? Well It's start to be organize! Buy some container which can hold a lot of money (coins/bill) or better recycle from used bottle/Wafer stick container, and then after that put a label (your goal) to each can/container.

For Example, You want to buy a new phone at the same time you also want to buy a clothes or bags and your Allowance/Salary is enough for your everyday living, Then invest in each boxes/cans. After months or a year (depends upon how you want it to last) You'll see the fruit of what you've plant

Image Source: Goal Container via hudsonvalleynewsnetwork and pinterest

This kind of technique is FUN and EFFECTIVE, You'll enjoy every time you put a coins or bills in each container and deciding what to prioritize first but of course Remember not just to save for yourself but to help other people who's in need ^ Because there's nothing more fun in saving if you gave something to someone.

It’s good to have money and the things that money can buy, but it’s good, too, to check up once in a while and make sure that you haven’t lost the things that money can’t buy.

-George Lorimer via

3. Think of an specific amount to save

This is one of the Technique that became a Trend in the Philippines a month ago. Some people did this and they get a very satisfying result. They called it in different names, Some are "The 50 pesos challenge" The 1 dollar challenge and The 52 weeks Money Challenge.

In 50 pesos challenge, You are obligated to save all the 50 pesos that you have in your wallet.  For example, You bought a mineral water which cost 15 pesos (0.30 dollars) and your money is 100 pesos (2 dollars) so of course the cashier will gave you a change of 75 pesos (1.49 dollars) in a form of 50 pesos, 20 pesos and 5 pesos (1 dollar, 0.40 dollars and 0.10 dollars) Automatically you are going to save the 50 pesos (1 dollars) This challenge is very effective and there are a lot of evidence that was provided. Including Me! but in my case I choose to save 100 pesos (2 dollars) a day.

While in 52 weeks challenge works, The image below explains it.

Image Source: 52 weeks money challenge via bankrate

As you can see, The balance from the first week is 1 dollar and every week it is increasing and doubling, The more week is coming the more dollars you need to save. This Challenge is for people who already got a job, this will help them to save more and spend less.


4. Distribute the budget

This seems to be the same as the 2nd one but it is a kind of technique in which you will already separate what would you save and what would you spent. Like for example, Your work pays you the minimum wages, and then you times it with the days that you worked, minus all the expenses and obligation. Calculate the stuff that you need for everyday lifestyle and have an specific money to saved.

The Good thing about this is that, You can save a lot of money at the same time you can enjoy and do all the stuff that you should do. So it is a Win-Win situation ~

Image Source: Budget Money via gnsgroup and daveramsey


 5. Leave unnecessary things

Of course, why would I forget about this one. You cannot save money if you dare to spend always in every way. You want that gadget or jewelry which is not a essential thing for you, You insist to buy it but you do not have enough money, so as a solution to your eagerness to have it, You're going to use a credit card or Loaning (Don't do this as much as possible) Your saving phase would be literally be postponed and that's not a good thing! 

Eventually your money for the next couple of weeks would be thrown away in paying the material you bought plus the huge interest you have. 

Image Source: Avoid Credit Cards via bankrate and pinterest

I might never had a credit card before but I know the struggle with this one. I myself doesn't even like loaning money to other people, It's like a burden in my part in where I need to pay something instead of putting it in my Savings.



Put savings in your priority, The early you saved the more benefit in the future you can have. The more easy life would be. Personally, I am on the stage of Saving, Investing and Business. Hope to succeed in my Saving part and in the near future, I can be a young entrepreneur at the age of 18.


Don't forget to enjoy while saving! Treat this as a game and the Grand Prize is the things you are waiting for. Balance saving and happiness (In my experience, Sometimes saving money at first would be hard especially if you have learn spending for fun)

Money never made a man happy yet, nor will it. The more a man has, the more he wants. Instead of filling a vacuum, it makes one.

-Benjamin Franklin via

 This video below can help you to take your saving routine into next level

Video Source: How to Save Money Every Day via Bank of America Channel Youtube


So that's it!


Hope to see you again!





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