My Personal Views About Being Healthy and How One Can Maintain a Healthy Life

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My Personal Views About Being Healthy and How One Can Maintain a Healthy Life

Good morning everyone, here I go again trying to find a good and virtuous topic to inscribe and share at the same time to learn about.  When I find the need to learn about something, I used to blog it, in that way I will be able to devote a few of my time researching or studying and reading, thus gaining more knowledge about that specific thing. 

In this blog, I supposed to write about one exotic and controversial fruit and its health benefits but as I started writing with the introduction, I already made a little more than 500 words citing about things that happened in the past which if I will continue talking about those, it could actually consumed more than 1000 words already, so I decided to submit a separate blog about that fruit in my next blog. 

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This is one good thing about bitLanders, when we write about something we also learn new things about it.  And the most important thing is that, when we write essentially we are learning and at the same time we are also earning some bucks.  So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t started to submit blogs yet, I suggest you create one now and submit it in the soonest possible time and yes start learning and earning!

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So the topic for today is about health and wellness.  One of the QUERLO topics available which offers additional buzz bonus to writers who will submit related blogs.  Click HERE to learn about QUERLO.

I have been writing about this subject in the past and I find it very helpful not only to those who are able to read it but also to myself in keeping my body healthy and at least free from any illness or diseases.  Click HERE to read my latest blog about health and wellness.

Humans Are Prone To Sickness

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Although human as I am, I get colds or ordinary cough once in a while but at least in my age I don’t really agonises from major illnesses as others do.  I really thank God that starting January of this year, I never had even a single date with my lady doctor due to some health concerns as compared last year.

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I remember I did visit my doctor almost every month in the whole of 2016 for elevated blood pressure, high cholesterol, high uric acid, etc. etc. and such condition really bothered me.  Of course considering that I am actually living alone here in a very far eccentric place, far from my family and love ones.  Indeed it will be so hard to get sick when you know that nobody will take care of you except those nurses assigned to you in the hospital.

Difficulty Of Being Admitted In The Hospital Alone

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I even remember being admitted in the hospital last year for 3 days with no any single visitor.  Good that during that time I had a company, a colleague who suffered the same health problem so we went there to the hospital together, we were admitted at the same time under the care of the same specialist doctor, so we did visited each other LOL at least we didn’t get zero visitors haha.

Few years back, I was also hospitalized with the same health concern but in one of the hospitals in the Philippines.  I just would like to emphasize the difference when you are admitted here in Saudi Arabia and in the Philippines, my own country.  I did had a lot of visitors not to mention my own family and my kids who seems to have a vacation or holiday in the hospital since they also stayed there looking after me 24/7.

Being Healthier This Year

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I know it’s not about doing some exercises as I didn’t do this year which I also missed to do last year but perhaps it’s about the food I eat.  Certainly had a more delicious and healthy foods recently.  Thanks to my colleague who had helped me all along to have a balance diet which I find it very important in keeping a healthy life, more supreme than exercise.

Exercise vs. Healthy Diet

This time for the benefit of this blog, I don’t want to get some precise or detailed ideas on the internet about some explanations on the significance of each of the two words or activities mentioned above, I know they are both beneficial to ones’ health but I just would like to share something based on my own experiences and observations.

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I’m not sure if you will agree with me but I personally believe that healthy diet is more important than exercise.  I know a number of people who were very active and categorically indulged into a regular exercise everyday which include walking or jogging and also playing basketball and the like but still encountered health problems. I am not referring to trivial kind of sickness like fever, cough and colds, diarrhoea etc, but the more serious one like heart attack or stroke and some even died after such incident.  Please click HERE to read my blog about heart disease that would lead into heart attack or stroke.

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Developing healthy eating habits isn’t as confusing or as restrictive as many people imagine. The essential steps are to eat mostly foods derived from plants—vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes (beans, peas, lentils)—and limit highly processed foods. Here are our guidelines for building a healthy diet. -

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Therefore I conclude that, developing and maintaining a healthy eating habits will surely help us, retain a good shape all the time, help us remain healthy and free from any illnesses that could lead to a more serious conditions, just in case we don’t have time to perform those required exercises.

So if you don’t have time or just as lazy as I am to do exercise, make sure that you eat healthy foods all the time in order to keep away from seeing your doctor every now and then.

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Please watch the video below to learn more about healthy foods and their benefits to the human body.

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