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March 12 2017. 12:00 PM.
Military Base outside of Amazon Forest.

The base was bustling with activity just like any other day. The sun shone right above their heads as it was noon and the hot air sped through the dense forests. The base was covered on all sides but one by thick forests although there were clearings after a few minutes of walk for Helipads and several roads leading to them. 

In the base itself, Commander Jordan had a particularly tiring day. The Pentagon had issued a prototype Suit made by some scientists down in NY to be flown into the base along with its few pilots. The pilots were select Soldiers all from different sections of the Army and Marines chosen after rigorous tests- Both Physical and Psychological. One pilot though, had passed all the tests and was now working in the Base as a Major. He had been in the suit for hours, practising and mastering its each and every technique and was considered as one of the best amongst them. His name, was Mark Blain.

“Major Blain!” The commander called out to him as he walked out onto the helipad where Mark was expecting the Helicopter carrying the suit and pilots to arrive “What is it, commander?” He asked as he gave a salute and then went back at ease. 
“We have lost all contact with the Helicopter, Major.” He said in a serious tone, wiping some sweat off his brow. He gestured for him to follow in the Communications Room. The room was surrounded with screens on every wall.Radars, Warning Systems, Cameras beeped slowly as the commander pointed to a particular screen, showing the last known flight path of the Helicopter.

“There was no Distress Call?” Mark asked as he took a look at the path. “No Major. But we do have a locator installed in the Suit which shows us that the case carrying the suit fell at some 10 Kilometres North, Into the Forest.” The commander pointed to a handheld tablet on which a red blimp glowed, showing the location of the suit. “What do you need from me, Commander?” Mark asked and looked at the commander with his brown eyes checking for any sign of some off the record Task. “We need you to go in with your squad.” The Commander replied with a small smirk and walked out of the communications room.

March 12 2017. 8:00 PM. 
Helicopter Enroute to Suit Location.

“Okay guys. I say we finish this as quick as possible. I need to go home by the next midnight flight tomorrow” Jim said as he put on his black helmet with a dark purple visor which hid his face from others. Mark and the rest of his 4 man squad were dressed the same way, their weapons on their backs and their bayonets at their waist. “Sure you do. You have been saying that since you left your wife and child alone at home like what… A week ago?” Asked Mark, chuckling as the rest of them Laughed. The pilot turned the helicopter as they were nearing the drop zone but then suddenly they were hit in the side which after impact looked like an RPG. The helicopter controls started beeping loudly as the pilot tried to control the flailing helicopter. In the back,there was an entirely different story.
The impact had blown off the entire right side of the helicopter and along with it, 2 men of Mark’s squad. Mark too was blown off but was barely holding onto the side of the helicopter with all his might and the helicopter circled around in the air, decreasing its altitude faster and faster.  
And then they crashed.
Mark was blown off of the side of the heli just before impact and had hit the ground hard. After a few moments of looking around groggily, he blacked out completely on the wet and cold floor of the forest. He woke up after a while to someone in his squad dragging him along. His vision was blurred as he was dragged away from the impact site where two of his squad mates had set up camp.  “Come on Major. Get a move on.”Said Matt as he Dragged Mark onto a rock and sat him down carefully.  

Mark regained consciousness after a while and he asked silently, the words barely coming out of his mouth “What happened?” 
Matt and Jim, the only remaining survivors of his squad looked at each other.Matt gathered some courage and looked at Mark “We had got shot with something like a RPG but bigger and we crashed. All others are… D-Dead…” He stuttered. 
What followed were some minutes of silence except for the eerie sounds of the forest. “We are the only ones left now… We can’t let the suit get in the wrong hands. Lets go.” Mark said and stood up, pulling down his Visor which he had pushed up for breathing easily. The others nodded and readied their guns – Matt with his Silenced M4A4 and Jim his M249. Mark pulled out his very own Silenced Scar L as they got in formation, each soldier clearing the area they saw. Mark watched the front and back, Leading them slowly, pushing away the leaves and Branches. 

After a few minutes of walking, a few weird sounds made Mark suspicious and he signaled his squad to halt. The sound continued, changing direction each time.“What is it?” Matt whispered in his radio to them but before anyone could reply, Matt started screaming. They all turned and pointed their guns in Matt’s direction but he was gone, his radio still broadcasting his screams “Matt Where are you!?” Jim shouted into his radio but then as Matt was about to reply,instead of words only sounds of flesh were heard. Mark closed his eyes and winced angrily, looking at Jim who blocked out Matt’s broadcast and looked back at Mark, his scared expression not visible through his visor. “We keep on moving. Okay Jim?” Mark said to him, looking at the locator “Its only four more kilometres.”
Jim nodded and readied his gun once more, trying to stop his knees from shaking. Mark didn’t notice it and lead Jim further into the woods without an incident. 

As they neared the Suit, Mark could not help shake the feeling of being watched. He looked up into the trees but saw nothing. “Jim you see anything?”Said Mark over his radio. “Negative Sir. All clear here” Jim replied as he too checked behind them, his flashlight illuminating a portion of the dark forests.The sky was not visible through the thick canopy but there seemed to be a clearing a bit ahead.

“Jim! Over here!” Mark called out as they reached the clearing and pointed to a body. They both ran to it and saw that it was quite mutilated as if attacked by an animal “It is another pilot Sir.” Jim said as he held out an ID from the clothes of the body. They searched around and found more bodies of the other pilots but there was no sign of the suit. “It’s a bit further” Mark said as both of them peered into the locator. The strange sounds began again, shifting places continuously. Mark and Jim drew out their guns and tried to pinpoint the location of the source. They started falling back towards the Suits location slowly, pointing their guns at the sound which was coming behind them. Jim suddenly stumbled down and immediately pointed his flashlight to the ground to another dead body.

Matt’s body was strewn across the forest floor, his entrails spilled out and his face twisted in agony. Jim let out a scream and stood up while Mark looked at Matt, disgusted.
Jim was no longer scared now. He and Matt had been brothers – watching each others backs for a long time now. He aimed the M249 up at the woods and started shooting, spraying the bullets in all directions. Mark saw that he could not stop him anymore. He had gone insane! He took his scar and ran up towards the direction of the suit, desperately looking at the locator and trying to pinpoint its location. Over the radio he heard something stab Jim’s throat,which converted his screams to slight noises of air. He pulled out his helmet as he neared the fallen suit and picked it up. Just as he dropped his gun and opened up the metal suit to get in, a blue plasma bullet shot across his left chest, breaking several ribs and puncturing his lungs. 

He groaned as he continued crawling to the suit which scanned his body movements and responded to his injuries. It moved itself onto him so that he could automatically get in and the suit attached itself to his injuries. Like a life support system.  Mark gasped as the suit’s helmet dropped onto his head and gave him oxygen. He screamed in pain as the suit went inside his body, its artificial Neurofibres attaching themselves to his. He stopped screaming and breathed heavily as the pain stopped and the suit sent a good dose of Adrenaline into his body.

Mark stood up as if nothing had happened, his black glossy suit shining in the moon light. He turned to the unknown adversary to see something totally new and scary.

It was an Alien.

March 13 2017. 1:00 AM.
Suit Location.

Mark stared at the humanoid figure standing at the other end of the clearing, trying to see if it was human. The Suit magnified his vision closer to the enemy’s face and what he saw shocked him. 
There was not much of body differentiation on the Alien’s face. Just two eyes.The rest of the lower mouth was covered with what looked like a gas mask attached to a body suit. He held a bloodied red spear which was slightly curved. Mark grabbed his fallen scar and aimed it at the Adversary. He would normally ask someone to lower their weapon and put their hands behind their head but this fight wasn’t normal anymore.

Mark pulled the Trigger as fast as the Scar’s mechanism could allow, sending bullet after bullet at the Alien with deadly accuracy. The Alien simply ignored the bullets speeding towards him and didn’t move a muscle. Instead the bullets exploded as they reached him, sending small pops of light as they fell to the ground near his feet. The alien tilted his head and shifted his body weight,getting ready for his next attack. Mark on the other hand dropped his gun and ran towards the Alien, the hydraulics in his suits granting him better speed and agility as he jumped up over 9 feet, coming down on the Alien with his fist aimed at him.

He came down hard, causing a good crater around him due to the force of the suit but the Alien had jumped up, successfully avoiding his attack with great speed. Mark looked up and jumped up, kicking the alien in mid-air which sent him to the ground crashing, but on his feet. The alien picked up his spear and swung at Mark, sending another Plasma bullet at him. Mark barely dodged it and got a hold on the spear, twisting it out of the Alien’s hand and punching his stomach with the hydraulics granting a huge force. The impact swung the alien wide up into the air and his spear was left in Mark’s hand. He looked at the spear and noticed its trigger. Taking careful aim Mark shot the Alien in the chest, right near the heart. The alien slammed into a tree hard and fell at its foot, not moving a muscle. Mark walked upto it and noticed that it was still breathing slowly “Still alive huh?” He said in a robotic voice due to the suit and brought his foot hard onto the aliens head, smashing its brain out.  

Mark walked down further the forest to see that he was up on a mountain, where the Amazon River flowed down into a Waterfall. He sat down next to the river and tried to get the suit off but stopped once he saw the severity of his injuries. The blood from the Alien had unknowingly got absorbed by the suit which started using it to repair Mark, changing his DNA.

After a while, Mark stood up and decided to head back to the Base when he noticed the Missing helicopter. It was crashed and buried under a few trees but had not exploded. He went in closer to see that that there were traces of fuel leaking out of it. Fearing that he might have a static charge due to his suit,he stepped back and turned around to find 2 new figures looking at him.

The figures were dressed the same way as his last adversary but these looked more threatening and larger. Mark got into his fighting stance but this time the Aliens pulled out what looked like Pistols and fired, sending Mark right over the Crashed Helicopter. Mark rose up onto his feet and tried to adapt to the scenario. The only thing between him and the aliens was the Crashed Helicopter with leaking fuel. “Lets hope I get out of this...” He said and ran to the the waterfall, Shooting at the Helicopter with the plasma Gun he had picked up. The Plasma reacted with the fuel, creating a much bigger explosion and sent Mark flying from the edge straight down into the river. 

March 16 2017. 10:00 AM.
Military Base outside of Amazon Forest.

There had been a lot of time since the last contact with Mark’steam which was now presumed dead by the Commander and the rest of the Soldiers.Preparations for Final Goodbyes were in progress when Mark was noticed walking back to base by a guard on border duty. 

Commander Jordan himself ran down to the border to meet Mark. When he finally reached there, along with all the other soldiers, all he was saw was the black suit with a few scratches on it. The helmet slowly opened up and Mark’s serious face was visible to all. 

“Commander Jordan.”

“Major Blain.”

“We need to Talk.”


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