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Commitment, Hard work, Patient
Result is Reward

My Dearbitlander friends, User, Today I would like to share my Journey in FanBox/empowr (still continue) and my secret of success,
My Journey begun in FanBox 2008, One of my friend Invite me to join FanBox, When I joined the site FanBox look like Windows XP surface doesn't know What to do here, in 2011 I received a message from my success coach Simply Jean I am your success coach, I start learning with her, in 2012 I received a message about IPL (I'll pay later) I start learning with the site, I was not aware how to work and choose a success coach of my language
I learn and choose Shehryar SC as My success Coach, He said me Khaleeq Just do what I am teaching you, you will get success, Thank you boss (This is secret of my success do what your teacher teaching you and use your mind to see the future) I understand this sentence and just start utilizing my mind once my coach guide me one thing, I make my own strategies to work and build the business, After 8 months in Sep 2013 I was able to spend $300 in the marketplace and this is the first time when I purchase a cell phone from FanBox Marketplace

This purchase give me more motivation to work hard In June 2014 Again I cashed out $243 and was able to cash out more in the next month but changes made by FanBox I decide to invest my earnings on FanBox in building my account and reaching the heights,
In this duration I change My Success Coach and Choose May Ram as my success coach and I learn a lot with this great lady, and with her motivation and decision my training as a success coach start, Melanie Jerman was my trainer and he give me a lot of knowledge about success coach program and able to understand many things she is off site due to her personal reasons but still with me to help in success coaching, along with the SC training my Business was growing day by day and I was working with commitment and patient, I completed my training and become a success coach now my supervisor and success coach is Manuela A She is a lady with positive thinking her words "empowr/ FanBox is Future" provide me motivation daily, I learn a lot from her, I have no words to say Thanks 3M (May, Melanie, Manuela) But Thanks,
We only get success in any business or field of life if we learn about it, get the knowledge and understand the things how they work.
We should learn the things first so to use them easily, then set a goal for work with them and start working with Commitment, Hard Work and Patient we will get the reward of it
My Fans and Friends also my client asked me is FanBox/empowr is real No doubt in, FanBox/empowr is real and Future just need to understand and work with commitment and patient, you can build a large business here, Once you all successful to building a large business you will get the fruits of your hard work,
As I get the fruits of my Hard Work
On Nov-30 2015 I again cashed out $1925 and received my check of the amount within 12 days at my home address,

If we think positive with business mind nothing will stop us to build our business and get success,

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