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Ok so thought it was about time i shared one of my life's goals. so here goes.

i aim to hopefully either make enough Bitcoin or Fiat currency so i will be able to move me my partner & kids to Alaska as i feel it would be the best thing ever to happen to me and them and would give my children great experience's of life and nature i know it's cold but who cares man i don't i just feel it needs to happen i would survive once out there but it's getting there that is the problem as i need to make/earn enough to get a house and have enough left over to live and start a business hell even by a claim

but in today's world would it happen i know people say you can do anything you put your mind to but i'm sorry i don't think my goal would work like that.

i'm 25 right now do you think it's possible for me to do it before i'm 30 i certainly hope so

thanks for reading and sorry if it bored you/. please leave your thoughts.

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