My thoughts on Breaking Bad so far?

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I was very late to jump on the Breaking Bad hype train, and boy am i happy about it. I am currently on the fifth series and last series. Now with the story and character development have found myself purring for the next episode. often though the time of night tells me to not continue. So in short I am very glad to have eventually viewed this masterpiece in television.

The first two series was not as enjoyable as the last three have been. This is understandable as they have to develop the character and in turn feel a connection to the story. Walter White is like most men, beaten down by society and life. Now this might be extreme but it only takes a light at the end of a match to spark the explosion that is in all of us. In this case the big C; cancer was the spark for a life of crime for Walter. At first his need for crime is out of concern for his family's finances. Oh and how soon that changes!

Middle-aged chemistry teacher turned drug dealer, this is what dreams are made of, or so it would seem. Like Pinky and Perky, The duo is not complete without a drug abusing, emotionally unstable 'partner'. Through the use of dialogue and superb acting Aaron Paul delivers a performance that perfectly represents the modern counter culture image. I unfortunately know the ending already, but this will not affect both my enjoyment and disappointment of the closure to an epic story.  

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