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The most lonely person is the one who isn't strong enough to face what he did. I am writing this article just to tell my readers to be strong always whatever happens in this life. Moments of Happiness come in life , Bad moments also swing by but you have to believe in yourself. If you are depressed and feeling lonely because of the consequence of some bad thing you did just face it ! Because if you will not it will make you so much weak inside that you can't even enjoy your life. This life has a purpose , A very big purpose for you. Allah has created you the most strongest creature in the world i.e Human being so act like you are the most strongest creature . Just count the blessings Allah has given to you , Just count and you cannot count because they are UNLIMITED. Never compare yourself with those whom you think have better home , food , blessings etc from you , Always compare yourself with those whom you think have less blessings than you and you will feel good. Just remove those habits from your life which you think are the reason of making you alone or less stronger. I know its hard but just try, Try again again and again until you quit those habits.

Another thing never be proud of yourself , Allah is watching.

Once i was on verge of getting a thing i dreamed about my entire life and i got it approximate 95% but the thing i did was becoming proud of getting it and that rest 5% i couldn't get and it ruined my life somehow , But i realized it was my own fault , Why i became proud when i have no right to be proud. Only Allah has the right to be proud. I became so alone at that time but then i realized that whatever happens is for your own good and now i have came into life enjoying every bit of it thanking Allah for this beautiful life.

I am just sharing these thoughts because when i was alone there was no one to tell me these things which i realized , Maybe i couldn't tell my feeling to everyone but now as i have gone through that moment i don't want you to suffer whoever is reading this. Just stay Strong and Believe in yourself.

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My name is Hassan , I am 20 years old and my home country is Pakistan

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