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Although I always bring with me my laptop, an ASUS notebook, I have to admit that there are times when I have to leave it at home because it is just quite something to carry with me specially when we have limited baggage weight. One instance was when we went for backpacking in Batad to Sagada.

Another instance I could refer to was during our first travel of this year, which was in Surigao and last year in Baguio as well. Out of the city travels which require a plane travel is one of those times that we need to leave it at home.


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I pretty much prefer using a desktop because of its huge monitor which allows me to see a lot of things, I am also used to having two monitors at the office for work. While I have to have a laptop when on the go and when we have to go to the provinces, the laptop allows me to work at home which is always an option for me. Working at home gives me freedom and flexibility as well.

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Now, in those times where I have to leave the laptop at home, I have no option but to use my mobile phone in certain activities. I can actually live without my mobile device. Believe it or not, I seldom use my mobile for texting and calling, in fact I only use it for such things I will be listing below. Aside from my husband and family, nobody else is contacting me through mobile network, everyone's seem to be online, as long as I have internet connection, I am good and I can pretty much get in touch with others.

But even if I can leave without one, that doesn't mean that I don't need one. Of course I still have to have one with me. Here are the top 5 applications I use on my mobile:

5. Facebook Messenger


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Everyone is on Facebook, we all have to admit it. Oh I have to take it back because my boss who's a pilot isn't on that social media. He is on LinkedIn though but not on Facebook which is why I am managing our social media accounts.

For me, having Facebook messenger is as important as having a mobile device. If I don't need a messenger, I definitely don't need a mobile phone. Why? Because all of my communication these days are through Facebook messenger. I talk to my family through it, my friends as well , even my relatives from far far away can reach me through it. It kills the business of text messaging. That is also the reason why I don't need a lot of minutes on my device. As a matter of fact, I only buy load for my phone when I need to use data in it.


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I am putting this however on the fifth spot because although I badly need it for communication, I don't use it all the time all day.

I must state that I would only reply to messages on messenger when it is necessary like when my family needs my immediate response or when co-workers ask for something and currently, I have a new group which helps me with another blogging platform.

Messenger keeps every communication handy specially that it has this bubble heads option on Android. It would just pop up once someone sends me a message, talk about accessibility and ease of use. I simply have to tap it and it'll show the message right away and stays on top of my application for easy access.

4. Google Chrome

I don't know about you but when we talk about browsers specially on mobile, I wouldn't exchnage Google Chrome with anything else.


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I had tried other browsers specifically Firefox and Safari but I am not comfortable with using it. Perhaps because I am used to it as it is my go to browser too on my desktop and laptop.


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So I use Chrome for research, for completing bitLanders quests specially the video quest and I use it when mobile apps don't work on my phone, I have to mention the sites like bitLanders, Steemit, Facebook and Google.

3. Camera


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You might have notice that I always publish photos taken using our DSLR camera, this is true. I seldom use my phone in terms of taking photos because I prefer the quality of the photos taken on a DSLR.

But I still have listed the Android's default camera application as my top three application used because there are always moments which would be easier to shoot with a mobile device than a DSLR.

Not to also mention that having your photos on your mobile makes sharing on social media easier. Like whenever I post microblogs on my bitLanders account, those are mostly on my mobile also, most of the time, the images are posted almost real time.

2. Google Keep


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I made it to my top two application. Most of you might not be aware of this Google application but I am hoping that some of you might also be familiar with it because this is definitely useful specially to everyone who blogs a lot.

How and where do you usually type your blogs? I would like to share to you how I do my own way. I use this specific application named Google Keep, of course from Google itself.


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The application has this autosave feature thus writing on it makes sure that I won't be losing any data compared to writing the blog directly on the bitLanders application. Plus, it automatically syncs the data to my Google account which means, when I am already on my computer, I would be able to access the things I have typed in there on the website.

Anywhere I go, I can get the articles up and I can continue writing both on my computer and on my mobile phone. The best thing about this as well is that I can type on my phone with the use of the keyboard swipe continuous input which makes typing really really faster and efficient.

1. bitLanders


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Of course, I don't have any other mobile application for social networking as mostly used than bitLanders. I do have Facebook, instagram and the others but I don't use them that much. I can't even recall the last time I opened my instagram account. I do use Facebook once in awhile.

I do however have issues with the application as well like the inability to add a blog and upload videos and gallery albums, it only allows microblogging which for me is something which is really a let down of the app.


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I however have a work around for this case which is to use the Google Chrome browser. With accessing the PC link for uploading videos and blogs, I am able to get that done on my mobile phone. But I rarely do that, I am not comfortable with uploading a video on the phone and creating blogs in there because I feel like I have limited space and there might be stuffs which I might miss.

Hopefully, bitLanders would improve the application and perhaps allow these things to happen on the application.

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That ends my blog entry for today. If you noticed, I don't do games on my phone, that is true. Well, I do have games installed, only two though which is Candy Crush and Candy Crush Saga but then I guess I might be uninstalling it again soon because I rarely use it.

Let me know what are the apps you use most of the time when you're on your mobile. I have a second blog coming up with the same topic though, on that blog, I will be sharing my husband's point of view instead. Keep posted!

Blog entry written and published by Jean Beltran-Figues, A Pinas traveler and photography hobbyist, find more travel blogs in my blog section, click here.

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