My Top 6 Korean Actors

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Sorry if you'd encounter brow-scrunching names here, lol! Give way to my fangirling.

1) Kim Jae Joong

- He's a signer-turned-actor. It was a love at first sight. Since I'm not into KPop groups, I only noticed him in one of my friend's timeline when she uploaded several photos of him during a presscon of his TV drama series at that time. He got me with his one-sided grin. He has the cold-type-funny-inside personality which is totally my ideal type.


2) Lee Min Ho

- Yes, he's handsome but not really my crush. I only gush over him since I am a shipper of him and Ku Hye Sun (aka Jan Di) since Boys Over Flowers.


3) Kim Hyun Joong

- He's got this 4D personality that never fails to make me laugh. Although it's quite disappointing to know he can ause a girl physically (he was accused of physical assault by his girlfriend). He already made a public apology though, but still.


4) Kim Soo Hyun

- He made his debut in Dream High. Succeeded by The Moon Embracing the Sun and the hit You Came From Another Star. I love him for his superb acting! He acts better than LMH actually, have to say.


5) Park Yoo Chun

- A fellow member of my number 1. He's also a singer-turned-actor but not like any other idol, he can bring home a best actor trophy too, not to mention that it's rare for a performer to be able to receive overly positive compliments about his acting. It's like he's born with the talent!


6) Song Joong Ki

- He's the guy from Innocent Man. Currently enlisted in the military :(. Aside from his cute and forever young look, e's also a good actor. He's smart, funny, and straightforward.


I might as well write about my Hollywood hotties hoho!

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