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It is no secret that I love to post blogs about travel, may it be about our recent place of stay, or a review of a resort, a feedback on a tourist spot, I would even provide a list of things that I love about this restaurant and even the pricing as well as our itineraries.


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For the past years and if you look at my blog section, the majority of my blogs are about travel, I would even make a post regarding the things that I love about it, the lessons it gives and a whole lot more. Obviously, there are so many things to say about traveling and I would like to share today how I write and format my travel blogs.

Start With an Overview


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If you have read the blog of Mr. Micky-the-Slanted-Salerno on how our blogs are reviewed, it was mentioned under quality and originality bullet that the blog should contain an introduction, brief one which will allow each reader know what the post is about and why he or she should continue to read more.

With that, it is important to start with the introduction, a preface, a prologue, or anything that opens up the subject. Mine usually don't just contain the overview but I also make a story on the topic. Let's take this blog as an example. See that in the first paragraph, I explained about a history of my blogging experience here in bitLanders, then I add at the last part that I am going to talk regarding my blog and how I usually write and format them.


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That is how I usually start and I guess it is best to have them instead of starting right away with your blog story.

Describe the location


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There will always be a part of my content where I describe the location, where it is located, what's its history, what's the story behind how I found this place, how we arrived in here and everything else.

But beware about stating the history of the place, while it is fine to quote internet-based information, it is still best to write it on how you came to know it. The tendency of quoting other person's write up is it might be too long that you'll have your quote more than 20% of your blog words, that's a no-no as per Mr. Micky-the-Slanted-Salerno.


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So, it is best that when you visit a place, talk with the locals, the owner, perhaps the security guards, the caretaker and even the neighborhood. From there, you'll learn a lot of things which are not available on the web or on other blogs.

You'll realize when writing that you have so much information which will be very valuable to you as well as to the entire world wide web most especially to those who will be visiting the same spot in the future.

In addition, you might want to describe further the place in words. You can use adjectives, colors, shapes and notice the very little details. Perhaps you found that it has a lot of flowers, are those artificial or real ones? Do they have a garden? Learn the names of the flowers if possible. You'll be surprised with so many things to talk about the place. Remember, every spot has something to offer!

Add Personal Reviews


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This part here is where I state what I like or dislike about the location. There are times when I am all praise about a spot while there are also times when I just feel that it is a so-so destination.

I admit again, I have a huge tendency of overexaggerating when I super duper like the place. But not to the extent of fooling the readers of course. I remember when James and I went to Negros Occidental and we stayed in a cottage atop a hill and we both loved the place, the view, the added stuff inside and I couldn't help but create two or three blogs about the place because I loved it that I had a lot of words to describe it.


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When I am also disappointed with either the service or the incorrect data information provided online through social media about a place, I will for sure also state my frustrations just like when we were recently scammed at JVR Island in the Sky.

The bottom line is we have to be honest with our review, we have to state the truth with a disclaimer that all of those we are stating is based on experience and that others might have a different encounter just so it is properly set in case others disagree with our opinion.

End with a Conclusion


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Then it is also important that we end our blog with a conclusion. Most of the time, I write one or two lines of information for me to end the blog.

Certain lines like what advice for the future visitors, or maybe a statement of lessons learned easy or the other way around. Making a paragraph of this part won't hurt at all as well so if you have more things to relate to conclude your stay then the better.

Sometimes, I also end it with a question which is one way of giving the readers a challenge and make them think from their own if they agree with me or if they do disagree.

Add Photos That Tell


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I personally believe that adding photos which will catch the attention of the reader's matter. See, with just looking at the images, they'll immediately know that this blog is worth reading.

I don't know if the readers here in bitLanders would be reading my travel blogs but if they are, I would be thankful for that. I admit that when I see a blog and then I somehow make a quick scan but the images aren't that captivating, there's a little discouragement in me to read the blog. Of course, that's a case by case basis too but what I am trying to point here is that images really are crucial to the success of your blog.


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With that, it is important to also invest in a camera which will provide you with the best photo quality for you considering your pocket budget.

There you go, I have laid out my own means of writing a travel blog. I hope this helped a little for your next travel blog topics too! Enjoy blogging!

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