My Unforgettable Scary Stories Part 2

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Here's the second part of my unforgettable scary stories. These are the stories which would hunt me randomly even though years had already passed after someone shared them to me.

The first two stories posted a day ago included the story about my brother's personal experience in seeing a faceless white lady who had appeared to him while we were playing one afternoon back when we were still young. That happened at our old house which was surrounded by trees like mangoes and bananas, the common province setting.

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The second story which I had set as the top 4 was a funny and scary at the same time story wherein my mother had been visited by her deceased aunt. It was funny because she was not aware that she had seen a ghost not until she realized her aunt had died a month ago, that realization alarmed her to ran for her life.

Today's story will be scarier compared to the first two simply because these are the stories which had been running on my mind since they were narrated to me by my friends, that even if they were simply stories, imagination made it real for me. I have created certain faces and almost real scenarios of those stories. So let's get it on.

Top 3. The "Wak-wak" at the nearby coconut tree.

Wak-wak as how we locally call these type of horrific creatures. Who in their right mind would not be scared if someone, preferably a lady would split its body into two, grows two flappy and hairy, frightening at the same time.



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Manananggal is the equivalent of wak wak in the Tagalog regions. There are countless movies depicting a scary manananggal. Since I was small, it has been part of those scary shows and every single year, there are these film entries with manananggals as their bad elements.

My grand father had an unbelievable experience with a wak wak. He used to be a fisherman, he stays awake all night at the middle of the sea. He tries to be active and alarmed for any sign of storms or anything that might endanger him while at the sea.

One night my grand father didn't go to the sea for fishing because the weather was not really that good, it was not a perfect time to go fishing so he stayed at home. Back in the days, my grand parents used to stay near the sea shore and there are lots of coconut trees around.


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That night, grandpa was lying in his swing, lights were off and suddenly, the wind started wistlening, grandpa felt the cold breeze but just ignored it. He kept there at where he was lying. While silently lying, he then noticed that the coconut tree's top was shaking. He thought it was just the wind but it was not. After few minutes, he saw a silhouette of a lady on top of the coconut tree. He couldn't believe his eyes!

He looked closely, my grandpa still has good eyesight at that time, he slowly stood up, rubbed his eyes and said in our dialect "kolera, wak wak man jud ni".


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He cursed and couldn't really figure out what to do. He saw the wak wak rubbing something on her skin and he saw her wings starting to grow. He felt like he was watching a real scary movie right in front of his eyes.

Now if you'd ask what happened next, my grandpa somehow lost sight of that wak wak. He went directly inside their house, locked the doors and windows and make sure there's no way the wak wak could come in. That night, he couldn't sleep and was already paranoid about what had happened.

Top 2. Santelmo finds and eats you.

I am not sure if you are familiar with "santelmo", I believe it is only endemic to the Visayas area as I have not heard any tagalog stories about these elements.


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So I did a little research and found this on Wikipedia:

It is a ball of fire in fields and swamps. It bounces along and rolls away. It changes into a beast with fire in its mouth. Travelers and fishermen follow it at night. They walk and walk till they are tired out. Then they cannot find their way home. They walk into deep mud and thorny bushes. They get dizzy and become insane. They must reverse their clothes to send it away. Then they can find their way home.

— Maximo Ramos

My good church friend told me a story relayed to her by her mother and whom received the same story from her flgrrat grand mother, it seemed like this story has been passed by generation to generation for which purpose, I don't know however, somehow I found a way to be part of the recipients of this unusual story.

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Back in the days when the old folks would have to walk for kilometers just so they could join the disco happening at the neighboring town. This was a common thing teenagers would do before so they would meet other youngsters from the other towns.

On their way home, they noticed a fire ball following them from a far. It wasn't a normal fireball and they knew they were on a difficult situation. They were being chased by a santelmo!

They ran and tried to find their way, their makeshift light was almost dying and they still have a long way to go. They somehow found a group of bamboo trees and made a way to get behind the bamboos.

Santelmos are known to be afraid of bamboos. They saw the fire slowly dissolving by its own and they waited until they felt safe, in fact they had to wait until the morning, slept around the bamboos just to make sure they are all safe.

Top 1. Meeting sadako figure face to face.


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I am finally at my top one story. This I won't forget because it was for me a very alarming and nerve wracking experience if I was on the shoes of that lady bearing a third eye.

Do you even know someone who can see the others who are unlike us? These people with this kind of ability are those who had their third eye opened, either an innate ability of which could have been done through certain dark ceremonies.

Now this story was told to me by a colleague from my first job. He said his high school friend was used to seeing the others, yes they refer it as others or those who are unlike us. He was not anymore afraid of these elements, he can see them like normal people, they join the commoners although the commoners can't see them, he can and he just disregard them. He was already numb with these things.


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Until one day after their PE subject, he went to the powder room and started washing his face. The horrific event started. You know these powder rooms do have huge mirrors and when you wash your face, you tend to look at the mirror each time.


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On first wash, he saw a sadako-like figure looking at him, long messy dark black hair, white pale face and eyes surrounded with dark circles. Its eyes wide opened and scary. He just ignored it, as mentioned, he was already used to seeing them but this time, the figure was persistent to be noticed.

The second time he washed his face, sadako was a little closer, then again he washed and it was getting closer and closer. He closed his eyes and paused a bit. He felt nothing and thought, the other was already gone.


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He then opened his eyes and to his surprise, the sadako was infront of him, just an inch away with its eyes looking into his own. That ignited commotion, he ran outside leaving all his stuff inside the wash room.


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That's it. I have shared my top five unforgettable scary stories. I bet you too have your own stories to tell. Filipinos as we are, we love to hear these kinds of stories specially at night.

Share your own and let's all exchange the different Filipino myths and beliefs we have earned through the years.

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