My Updated Bubblews Review And Scam Alert For Writers

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updated bubblews review

After lot of failures with pending payouts and low revenues , the site owners of Bubblews , now , decided to stop the business by thanking everybody who were part of their 3 year journey. Unfortunately, writers can only say thanks to them for closing the site and not for the past business. Bubblews , which started three years ago, could never live to its expectations of trust and reliability. But the only thing to remember is that ; there was a site named bubblews that paid writers at an unbelievable rate. Bubblews is closed ! The below image reads the last hearing from Bubblews and the CEO Arvind Dixit.


bubblews closed

My old review of Bubblews continues from here on, but it doesn’t worth you reading anymore. Say good bye Bubblews.

Now Bubblews is the hot topic all over the Internet due to its high income generating capacity and easy way to earn passive income in a quick time.

Though earning money at bubblews is pretty easy, there are many people reporting it as a partial scam. I’m writing this article to discuss all the positive and bad aspects of bubblews.

A few years ago I received an email from one of my friend asking me to join in this paid to write website. I then joined immediately and earned a few dollars on the very first day of joining. The experience was different because I had never earned that much quickly in any other revenue sharing site before that time.

The things which make bubblews unique over other online earning websites are its easy earning method, exposure and social touch. Now it inspires me to write a review on bubblews because I have earned around $1200 with in the span of the last two years at bubblews and I have gained enough experience to share with you.

Another positive aspect of bubblews is there are no hard restrictions for writing, so you can write anything that comes to your mind and there are no strict guidelines too. All these advantages are motivating me to write a blog post with the title ‘ Bubblews review ‘ and this post could change many lives of internet money hunters.

Revision Of Bubblews Review


Another big setback to bubblews members has finally arrived. Bubblews has decreased the rate for each view, like and comment. Members will now earn anywhere between $0.003 to $0.01 for each view based on the location from where the traffic is coming from.

Previously bubblews had paid a fixed amount for every activity , but now the latest update will definitely impact on every writers earnings. Also bubblews is not showing page views on posts, so we cant trust this site anymore.

They mentioned in their terms that they may discontinue the revenue sharing program anytime. Already bubblews has stopped paying to a major part of its users, so this site must be avoided.


I am really sorry for the people who are eager to earn money from bubblews. I earlier reviewed it as a genuine site in my old bubblews review; unfortunately this site has become a partial scam. It has kept some millions of dollars of writers’ money unpaid from a long time and stopped paying to a part of users. For god’s sake don’t join this site, it will be a harder work for you to earn $50 and you can’t just digest if they do not pay you. At the start they used to pay me a payout, and then the next one was pending. I know it is a selective payment system to cheat the writers.

I think they’re showing some partiality between the US and foreign writers because a lot of reports of unpaid redemptions are coming especially from Indian users. My old bubblews review continues here from below, but it still worth reading.

What Is Bubblews ?

Bubblews is a paid to write program which pays its users for writing on anything that come to their mind and doesn’t demand high quality English from the writers.

Bubblews Latest Website Layout And Design

As I already said bubblews is quite different from other paid to write websites, because you do not need to have an adsense account to earn money from bubblews. Their earning system is very clear; they are currently paying between $0.003 to $0.01 for each page view, like and comment you receive to your posts. Don’t worry about the earnings because the people (other writers) at bubblews are very good and they will like or comment in your posts if you do the same favor to them. So Far I have worked at bubblews for more than two years and have earned around $1200 for my work and writings.

As I am a part time worker at bubblews and post only 3 to 4 articles a day, I am not capable to generate much income from them. But you can at least make around $300 per month easily by working for six hours a day at bubblews.

Bubblews Post Guidelines

As I already said there are no strict rules and terms at bubblews, but recently they announced some guidelines to avoid the spam. Following those guidelines is extremely easy, so I totally ignored them, but you should check them below for your safety. These terms are very simple to follow. They lately implemented these rules which could definitely help us to improve our writing in a way.

Bubblews Post Length

This is a new rule from bubblews and following this post length rule is very easy. Anyhow, each of your bubblews posts should contain a minimum of 400 characters (not words!) and you are bound to follow this to receive any payment from them. I think this is not at all hard to write a blog post with 400 characters as it is just three times than a SMS message.

Comparing to sites such as hubpages and squidoo, who are asking their writers to maintain the post length to a minimum of thousand words, bubblews doesn’t worry you much with their post length rule. If you type quickly, I bet it won’t take more than five minutes to write a four hundred character bubblews article.  But for search engines and readers, it may not do any benefit. We have seen google getting rid of spammy low quality sites from the last two years, so there is no way for bubblews to stay safe at google for a long time. They’re ranked pretty well for now than what they deserve since bubblews posts do not provide any benefit for the readers.

Occasionally, my posts go viral in search engines and I make more than $10 for a single post. However that is not enough for the reason that one out of thousands of posts goes viral in google. Clearly that’s out of our hands. But there is something we can do to improve the chances. That is; research for the topics that people are searching and write about those topics. Some of the most viral topics are game reviews, movie reviews and scandals of celebrities.

Bubblews Daily Post Limit

I am very unhappy to write this paragraph because I do not agree with this post limit rule of bubblews. At bubblews you are allowed to write only ten posts in a day. They launched this rule to avoid the spam being created by their new users and expected to lift this rule later this year. Anyhow writing 10 posts in a day at bubblews is not as easy as you think, because it’s a huge time consuming process.

Assume that you hardly take ten minutes to make a good quality post. Then ten posts might take one and half hour of your daily time. I can write a four hundred character bubblews post within a few minutes, but if we put ten minutes then the quality will differ a lot. I recommend you not to write off all the ten serially one by one. Take some gap between each article you write and read other’s articles in that time. Engage yourself with likes and comments in others posts, so that they might take a look on your posts in return.

Bubblews Earnings And Payments

As I already said bubblews pays 1 cent for each page view, like/dislike and comments that your posts generate. Currently there is no big referral earning system and they pay a onetime twenty cent for each new user you refer to bubblews. But in some occasions and festive days they offer a bonus amount for referring new people and it would be in between $0.20 to $0.70 for each referral. Referral earnings will be credited to your account once that referral posts his first article at bubblews. The money could also be reversed from your account if incase your referral gets a ban or himself deletes his account.

To make redemption or payout from bubblews, you need to reach the minimum threshold of $50. After you request the payment it nearly takes sixty days to reach your paypal account. US writers can choose for check or bank transfer as other payment options to save the processing charges that paypal takes.

Tips To Earn More Money From bubblews

These are the very important techniques for earning more dollars at bubblews. So just follow the below tips and Earn more from your posts. I used to follow these tips to make good money in my earlier days.

Connect to other users.This is the easiest method to let other writers know that you are here. This method is a little unorthodox one since it takes very less time and generates lot of income. All you need is follow other writers, like their posts and engage in discussions with them through commenting. I’m certain that most of them will return the favor back to you.

&tarunandlaxmi - Laxmi Prasanna Rokkam - Bubblews.png

Remember that bubblews won’t tolerate if you connect to thousands of users in a single day. To say frankly there are no rules regarding this, but connecting to 20 or 30 new users a day is very safe for your account. If you connect everybody that would mean that you’re flagging your own account for suspension.

Share in social networks.A huge part of bubblews traffic is coming out from social networking sites. These networks are the integral part of our daily life. You have been using them for posting, liking and chatting with your friends. Now you can use those sites to make a fortune by sharing your bubblews posts. You must always remember that if you post excessively, your friends might get bored with you and will not click on your posts again.

Share your posts in your blog.I don’t think many of you are bloggers already. If you have a blog that generates a reasonable traffic, then you can get benefit by interlinking or sharing your bubblews articles in your blog posts. Note that it does impact negatively in your blog’s SEO if you link your bubblews posts often.

Do On-page SEO.It’s pretty harder these days to get traffic from google at the moment because it’s a matter of quality that google is looking for rather than the quantity. Bubblews has the later one as it has millions of users writing articles every day. But what about quality? Almost 99% of bubblews posts worth nothing to the readers who come from google searching for desired information. So it’s proved that google doesn’t love bubblews. Still you can try your luck for implementing some on-page SEO in your posts. Just include the keyword you are targeting in the post title and repeat that at least twice in the post body.

A keyword is a single or a phrase of words that people search on google for information. For example; if people are searching for “Samsung galaxy review”, then include that phrase in your title when you write about this topic.

Write great posts. You know that you can write a 400 character post within a few minutes and you also think that quality doesn’t matter at bubblews. But that is wrong! If you want to make good money at bubblews for a long time, then write articles without any grammatical errors, take care of your prose, give value to the readers and try to write stunning articles that strike the readers like a bullet.

One extra tip I give you – Always read articles of other good writers at bubblews and learn from them. Also get an English grammar book to improve your English writing skills to an extent.

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My Final Bubblews Review (Old)

Bubblews is a wonderful website and So far I have made $1250 for writing there. The good thing about bubblews is you do not require any great writing skills to write here. It is the best opportunity for new bloggers and writers. If you are a newbie then join bubblews now and existing users can comment their experience with bubblews. This is my bubblews review and I have written it with my personal experience.

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