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My Vacation

I am planning my first cruise! This is one of the happiest moments of my life, as I have barely left the state that I live in. Me and my husband's family will be going on a 7 day cruise to Bermuda! This cruise allows us to spend 2 and a half days in Bermuda. I have been spending a lot of time deciding what I am going to do while we are there. 

After a week of research I have come up with several things that seem interesting. On my original list of things I wanted to do, there were 12. Some of the places that I chose were similar. There are many nature reserves, beaches and historical places. I compared these by what each place had to offer to get the most out of this experience. Looking at people's reviews on things also helped me. I have narrowed my list down to 6!

My List

When I make my lists, I usually figure out what is most important first and do that first. However, planning my first vacation is different. I wanted to leave room for excursions in case we find something else we want to do while we are there. We wanted to take this vacation to escape from stress and have fun. So I only have 3 things planned for the first two days we are there and didn't plan anything for the last day since it's only a half day.

My Top Six

Day 1


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Jobson's Cove

This beautiful cove is located on the southwest side of the island, which is only 28 minutes from our docking area. You can find it at the west end of Warwick Long Bay Beach. I chose this place because it is more private than a regular beach and was listed on under Best Romantic Things to Do in Bermuda for Couples‎. This area is also a great area for kids as it is mostly surrounded by rocks making calmer waters. Though we are leaving our little ones at home, this seems to be a area were we can relax and enjoy each others company.

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The Arboretum 

We live on 30 acres in the middle of the woods, because we love nature. When going somewhere, I want to see the world's natural beauty. I chose this arboretum because it has picnic areas so we can relax, soak up the beauty of Bermuda and listen to the birds. This arboretum also a trail with 20 fitness areas to exercise along the way!

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Front Street Hamilton

While looking for things to do I found out that they have weekly street party's on front street in Hamilton. This happens every Wednesday, which happens to be the day we arrive in Bermuda! I chose this event so that we could get to know the culture and vibe from this area. I look forward to trying many different foods, hearing the music and seeing what Bermuda has to offer!

 Day 2

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Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo

I chose this area because everything is in one area. I want  to learn about this island and its inhabitants, including animals. The aquarium allows me to see more aquatic life than I will see while swimming and snorkeling. Not only do I get to see aquatic life, but get to see the mammals and other creatures of Bermuda! To top it off I get to learn some history at the museum. 

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Crystal and Fantasy Caves

As a kid I loved going to the local caves! They always have activities planned throughout the year that the community gets involved with. My husband and his family took me to Luray Caverns in Virginia a few years ago, which only made me want to see more caves. There was no doubt that we were going to Bermuda and not visiting these caves! 


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Blue Hole Park / Tom Moore's Jungle

I chose this area because it's a nature reserve. As you can see on the map above this park has caves and grottos to explore. Though it is a nature reserve they do allow you to swim and cliff jump in some areas! There is also a jungle amongst this area that I am looking forward to seeing. The jungle area is known as Tom Moore's Jungle because he wrote some of his poetry under a tree there. Though the tree does not exist any longer.


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