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I am a Professional Movie Maker. Currently i am running my own Studio by Name "Al Saeed Media" You can view my work by surf my You Tube Channel With the Name of "Al Saeed Media" on YouTube.

I am also going to upload Two videos about my work here too and will upload 10 photographs of my photography i did in some function like Annual Function of Schools or Wedding Ceremonies. 

So Let's Start the Guys!

"Medlay (Tablo )Asian kids Grammar School Annual 2019 Perfomance"

Here the video i've uploaded, is about to the Performance of the ASIAN KIDS GRAMMAR SCHOOL's Students on Medly. I have edited and made a Cover of this video, I hope you will like it. If you guys like my video just go on my YouTube Channel to watch some more awesome videos and subscribe for the notifications. 

Now i am going to upload my Second Video.

TV AD Alsaeed Computers & movies Darya Khan (Bhakkar)

The video is a TV Add of my Studio. I hope you guys love to my work.

Now i am going to upload 10 Photographs with brief Description of Photos.


Credits: Create in Photoshop

Description of Photo: Panaflex of "Saeed DawaKhana" for promotion.


Credits: Create in Photoshop

Description of Photo: A Promotion by Khan Traders with Lucky Draw Prizes.

Here this is some particulars of my media creations. Stay tune with me to watch more awesome videos by me. 

Muhammad Imran Basharti


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