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Working online or  earning online is no joke . I would say that those who are "technically had the know how a computer work " had a lot of advantage.  Those who have the capital or more money  also had a lot of advantage.  But if you dont  have the capital and  technical know how,  it would be hard to earn online.

I would say i belong to the category of those who have a  little technical know how and no capital or big money to spend online so the only way i knew how to earn online is thru  "Work" and the best ever so far that really pays weekly is  " :  You dont need money to earn here,  just click on the ads and reach the minimum of  $5 for the cashout then you will be paid.

I noticed some of my referrals  only click a few ads  and they dont reach the minimum cashout so they are impatient  and does not have the drive to work more and  reach the highest earnings.  So having the patience is one virtue  that we should have in trying to earn online.

My Weekly Pay  the latest ;


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