Mystery Radio and Telephone

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A few days before my new year always soundly, why can say like that? for every hour and a half 2 am definitely just woke up and strange noises are often heard and only I can hear it, and only I have always awakened by the sound of it when before going to sleep I always read Section Chairs, Surah An-Nas, Al-Ikhlas , Al-Kauthar and prayer sleep, but still there are disturbing wrote.

I tried to sleep but could not until I slept but an hour and a half 3 in the morning, the day of the incident changed still haunts me I do not know what to do and try to be patient. Until when events are not I forget until now is the time New Year's Eve 2013.
Precisely on New Year's Eve 2013 in the house just me who has not slept but mama, papa and my sister had gone to bed first. At that point I decided not to sleep and wait for the turn of the year from the year 2012 to the year 2013 may be another half-hour new year will arrive, but I want to close my eyes.

10 minutes before the new year I heard a strange sound but I ignore it because it might be the sound of the animals at night. Until the end of trumpets and the sound of fireworks was bam bam bam reads * bam * there was a knock on the outside * tok tok * because I'm afraid so I ignore it again, ending the back door if it's definitely the future but that is impossible because no one can enter everything in the lid.

Suddenly a sense kantukku has not restrained and tried to sleep but my first clean up the laptop, charger and modem, keep in place. But I room to tell my mom and dad that I'm going to bed. And I closed the door and returned to the room. After going to bed I want to close my eyes and shut my eyes before being bertelefon heard mama and turned on the radio. I thought why the nights mama turned on the radio and it tumbennya language I never heard before, but when I close the bedroom door mama, mama was sleeping soundly. And I slept with curiosity.

Because I'm still curious about the mama, mama I finally asked the next morning. The answer stunned me is nothing bertelefon and turned on the radio, the radio even still on the computer desk. Until now I've heard it's a mystery that can not be imagined. But after I asked the teacher of religion and perhaps the spirit mama, because during sleep our spirit will come out, even without us knowing it.

Short Story Essay: Tyas Daughter
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