Nahid with Women Empowerment at WomenAnnex

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I have  been  employed recently in WomenAnnex project in kabul ,this is my first work experience  and I’m  very excited, I feel as I entered  a new world I believe  that work environment is a different and good place to learn I really enjoy working here, teammates are studios, hardworking and prolific young ladies.

I’m delightful to work in the internet world, peradventure my first task is to write web-log and my other part of duty is to be a model as it was ones of my dreams to be a model.

Now I want introduce the organization which I’m working in company has been established since last year in Afghanistan to maintain and support women skills in different social fields the organization is up to develop aptitude of young women generation and I’m very excited as a youth to serve my patriot especially women which are half of the society and very vulnerable cortex of the society.

Being a part of these activities make me feel proud of myself from bottom of my heart, my present task has two important duties firstly to be as a model and secondly to be write blogs.

When I nominated for the job I was very happy and joyful in order to be a part of this huge success as the job is fairly close to my attitude and for empower of women.


My elder sister is a well-known hairdo and because of her I’m very familiar whit the world of attire model in the future.


By Nahid Bikaraan


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Nahid Bikaraan is an adolescent Afghan girl who recently has found a new working place in Kabul. She is a typical afghan girl who is graduated from high school and was seeking to show her talent. She hates to stay home as most of afghan girls have to do, and…

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