Narrating My First E-Session, Photography is Fun!

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The video above is just a sample engagement session. Video credits: Francis Abellanosa via YouTube

Disclaimer: This blog is a journal type of entry, stating about how my first E-session went.

My first engagement photo shoot session happened last weekend and I can't wait to tell you how fun and time restricted we were at our location, I will share with you below how I started with photography, the humble gears we used and the story about the couple whom we photographed with.

Image credits: StillsandMotion via Facebook

Photography as a Hobby

Ever since I was small, I always love taking photos. I was in third grade I guess when I was introduced to a film point and shoot camera, owned by my cousin who's based in Cebu. From that time on, I can't help but ask my parents to buy me one. Of course, it was still very expensive at that time that we can't afford it so we borrowed one from my cousin. I remember it to be black and it was Fuji.

Image credits: StillsandMotion via Facebook

I recall saving a huge part of my allowance just so I can buy the 36 shots film roll from this photoshop in Jagna, a town of thirty minutes away from home, yes I was willing to travel from home just so I can buy that film. My photos before includes a lot of candid shots of my friends and classmates, my parents and family members, even when we are about to sleep, I would take photos of all those moments and even dare to develop them!

As soon as digital photography was introduced to me, I didn't let it slip. My brother bought me a Canon point and shoot digital camera, and finally, when I graduated from college, I got a hand of my first ever Canon DSLR, the 1000D with its kit lens.

Photography for Travel

Image credits: StillsandMotion via Facebook

In this saturated world of photography where everywhere you go, each turn, you'll get to see a lot of very talented photographers, you'll fill very noob and beginner, that's totally how I felt whenever I get to see my photographs. I was not learning how my camera works. I was not paying attention to the specifics of the gear until my husband had encouraged me to understand and learn how to really use it with the right settings.

But still, the insecurity of not being able to really produce good photos discouraged me a lot that I thought I am off with just using the camera with our travel and for blogging only. I was limiting myself with such a way that I am totally not confident with my photographs.

Image credits: StillsandMotion via Facebook

I have all my images shared on my blog posts on bitLanders, on some other sites and even on social media. The good thing about it was that my husband and I didn't stop, in fact, it was him who didn't stop learning. He had already understood the technicalities of our camera features while he always relays that information to me.

Accidental E-Session

Image credits: StillsandMotion via Facebook

It was this year that James and I decided to start putting up our own website which will both showcase our travel stories, photos, and blog entries. But more importantly, it was also a medium for us to level up our photography skills even more and share these images through social media too because it is where the market is.

Early this month, one of our family friends approached my mother whom they asked if we could take their wedding photos. Of course, I said yes right away, there were several proposals before that we had refused because we feel that we were not ready, however, this time I thought it is just the chance for us to get experience in taking wedding photos.

Image credits: StillsandMotion via Facebook

Now when I advised the bride to be about it, she didn't want to have a prenuptial shoot but I insisted and so she agreed afterward. Because the groom to be is a seafarer, he seldom comes home so we set up a time when they are both available, it was last weekend that that became a reality.

Rainy Photoshoot

On the day of the planned engagement photo shoot session, James and I arrived in Ubay Port almost drenched after getting out of the ship while the rain was harsh outside. We forced it because it was already five in the morning.

Image credits: StillsandMotion via Facebook

But surprisingly, in my hometown, Guindulman, it was not rainy, it was totally sunny and so I was confident that we will get the golden hour for the photoshoot.

We met with the couple at two in the afternoon, the bride to be, Juliet was still taking time with her makeup and while she was almost done, we noticed the skies getting dark. It was a problem we thought would only pass but on our way to the location which was just 20 minutes away from our place, it poured really hard!

Image credits: StillsandMotion via Facebook

Eventually, it took a lot of prayers before the rain eventually stopped. It was already four in the afternoon when the skies cleared a bit. We immediately started shooting and happy that we were able to take quite enough shots. Our couple had two dresses so we had to also give them time to prepare for the second costume however, it was already dark and started to rain again so we only had a few shots on the second part.

I was using a Nikon D600 with a Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 lens.

How Was My First Engagement Session?

The video above is just a sample engagement session. Video credits: Svitlana Vronska via YouTube

After the limited time of the photo shoot, I realized as I was editing the images that I enjoyed the session! A few weeks before that day, I was really anxious if I can do it but after the session, I liked it very much!

Then comes the editing, I think I really still have a long way to learn about photo editing most especially the skin retouching. But I don't worry that much because there are so many tutorials online that can help me improve with my photography.

Image credits: StillsandMotion via Facebook

The truth is that my love for photography has a lot of potentials. As my husband encouraged me, he also advised me to work on improving it more. He shared with me a digital book which helps with improving skills entitled The First 20 Hours Secrets of Rapid Skill Acquisition by Josh Kaufman. It was a very nice book that I learned a lot, I also realized I have to be selective in terms of the things that I do like I should spend the time to those things that would improve my skills and sacrifice those things that are not in line with it.

Image credits: StillsandMotion via Facebook

So, I have decided to go and follow the author on his advises, I am quite serious with photography now that I want to enhance this skill because I am pretty sure there will be more creative opportunities in the future.

That's it for today's blog, I hope this also encourages you if you are into photography.

Thanks a lot for reading! Do you like photography?


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