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Naruto, as most anime fans would know, is a very popular anime that started in Japan. I have been watching Naruto since I was in College. I downloaded every episode which consists of almost 700+ episodes up to date. Many people would ask (those who do not watch anime) what is in this Anime that almost 6/10th of the world`s population got hooked?.


Here`s the overview:

Naruto is a story of a young male ninja who wants to be recognized in their village. Ever since Naruto was a child, he was being avoided and even being bullied by the villagers. It all started when both of Naruto`s parents (both skilled Ninjas) defended the village by fighting Kurama a.k.a Kyuubi (a powerful nine-tailed beast) who wreaks havoc in the village. The fight seemed endless and bloody. Naruto at that time was newly born. The only thing that could stop the Kyuubi from destroying the village is by sealing it in a Ninja`s belly. Naruto`s mother decided to seal it in her, but could not seal it because she became weak after fighting the Kyuubi for a longer period of time. It was decided then to seal the nine tailed beast unto Naruto (it was all to protect the village but the burden to Naruto).


Baby Naruto with his parents


Kurama, The nine tailed beast


The villager wasn’t able to understand the situation because after sealing the beast in Naruto, both of his parents died and Naruto was labeled as `one` with the beast. Naruto did not know about his parents, he then grew up being an outcast in their village. He lived on his own and sought attention by playing pranks which led him to being scolded by the villagers everyday. Even though he was scolded, he did not bear any grudge. He even liked it rather than not being noticed by them. He dreamed of proving them one day that he can become a hero that will save the village through training.



Naruto trained hard but since his admission to Ninja Academy, he was always at the bottom in their class. He practiced day and night and wouldn’t give up until he slowly unleashed his potentials and was noticed by the village when he did one day protected the village from being annihilated by the enemy. Naruto was in fact a late bloomer which has a  greater power than a Hokage (similar to being the most skilled ninja, a ninja who governs the village).


Naruto is a fun-filled anime with a sprinkle of action and life-drama where we can get lessons in life. My brothers and my friends love watching this anime because of the fighting scenes, the best story arc and great realizations in life we can get.

The screenshots below was taken from Naruto:Shippuden Episode 382 where Naruto tried to save the village again from the antagonist (Obito) from taking over the world. Obito wanted to create a world where no one would feel pain or hurt. It was for a good cause but it isn’t real. Obito was once a good ninja but became evil when he was brain-washed by the evil Madara (one of the founders of the village, one of the strongest Ninja in the very beginning of Ninja time) whose plan is to take over the world. Obito got hurt when his love and bestfriend Rin died during their mission when they were still a ninja of the village. He hated the world because of all the fights of other villages and all the despises of people in the world. He wasn’t able to let go of his first love and wanted to bring back the dead (which is dark magic). Naruto tried stop him by telling him that even if friends or loved one dies, they are still alive in their hearts. It doesn’t mean that letting them go means forgetting them.


Pictures Below: ScreenShot From my Laptop while Watching Naruto Episode 382.


Naruto progresses its story over time and if you think this anime is worth a try, why not see for yourself and enjoy watching it.


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