Nascar brought the gen-6 cars to the track in 2013

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One of the most attractive things about this new Generation 6 car is that we are finally going back to having manufacturer identity.That is something that has been extremely lacking in our sport for a number of years.This entire project to bring the Gen-6 car to fruition has been going on for quite some time among NASCAR, all the manufacturers and the teams. 

What we might see is a situation where one manufacturer might be really good at Daytona International Speedway, Talladega Superspeedway, Michigan International Speedway and even California Speedway in how its car has been balanced out. Then it wouldn’t be surprising to see the other two manufacturers a lot stronger on the other ones. How the manufacturer picked its car to balance out might be a plus at some of the tracks while at the same time might be a minus at other tracks. That’s definitely one of the storylines we will want to follow as the season unfolds.

This new Gen-6 car is probably the most unified, openly developed race car in any racing series that I am aware of in the world. It is pretty amazing to me when you see how hard NASCAR worked in the wind tunnel and at the racetrack with the manufacturers, plus all the teams, to come up with this new race car that everyone is raving about.

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