National Pastry Day

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Today, December 9th, is National Pastry Day.

There are many, many different types of pastries available all over the world.

The name pastry is used to refer to many types of baked products made from pastry dough. At its simplest, pastry dough is made from flour, a shortening agent or butter and water. From this simple start can be made many different dishes, both savoury and sweet.

The main types of pastry are shortcrust, which contains flour, fat, butter, salt and water and is sued in tartes and quiches; flaky, which expands when heated; puff, which, like flaky, also expands when heated; choux, a light pastry often cream filled and phyllo, a paper thin dough.

If you are making pastry dishes at home you can even by pre-made pastry, of whatever type you want, in blocks and in sheets.

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