Nature of Humans

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Nature of Humans


Steven Pinker said, “ Human nature is complex. Even if we do have inclinations toward violence, we also have inclination to empathy, to cooperation, to self-control.”

It is so true that humans are most multifaceted species on the face of the earth as humans have knowledge, feelings, ability to choose between what is right and wrong for him. When we talk about the nature of humans it is very complex and deeper. Our nature depends upon the decisions we take in the combat of evil vs virtue.

We are all the human made from bones and flesh still we are different from each other.Every human has different nature from one another as everyone has different view about issues. Diversity is another part of human nature. His decisions make him good or bad. If a man chooses the right and virtuous path then he has a noble character in contrast if a man selects to walk on the evil path then no doubt he is a bad man and his decision made him immoral.

It is the part of human nature that he desires more and more for the sake of that he is willing to do anything. If a man has penny then he wishes to have dollar and up to so on. Man never ever puts full stop to his desires. Man is materialistic he want to have a lavish life  with luxurious thing.

Another one of man’s quirks is feelings. Man is social animal he needs love and affection. Unlike other species man shows powerful emotions which is the leading part of man’s nature and it makes me superior over other species. Love, sadness, affection, anger,hate are all part of human nature and can be shown by behavior of man. If a man is sad he tries his best to hide his sadness but still it can be shown in the grand display of crying.


Jealousy lies in the nature of human it is a natural phenomenon if someone is better than us automatically we seem to envy. With envy seem to hate that person. There is also one category of persons for whom the success of others is a source of happiness and helps others whole heartedly. Different people.. Different views.. Different nature they all together makes world beautiful.   

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