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Skin care is one thing that many people give importance nowadays. Taking care of your skin prevents you from developing skin diseases and slows it down from aging. Who wants wrinkles anyway? Aside from making your skin look young, it also makes your overall appearance great. In a digital age where people tend to judge you instantly based on your physical appearance rather than who you are, having a nice skin is a must. (A sad reality, but of course, not all people judge you through your look!)

Different skin care products have sprouted ever since the hype for skin care had become more popular. One of which people love nowadays and go crazy about are the Korean beauty products. People admire Korean beauty or K-beauty so much. Koreans, especially celebrities, have that flawless, youthful, porcelain, and poreless skin. Now who doesn't want to have that kind of skin? What's their beauty secret?

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There are lots of Korean beauty products in the market, and one that stood out is the brand Nature Republic and their product Soothing and Moisture Aloe Vera Gel. For this blog, I am going to share with you my experience with using this crowd-favorite aloe vera gel!


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Aloe vera is a succulent plant with thick leaves, where its clear gel is found. The aloe vera originated in the Arabian Peninsula but is now cultivated on different parts of the world, especially on tropical countries. The plant needs just enough water and exposure to sunlight to thrive. An extreme amount of either of these two could burn or shrivel the plant.

Aloe vera is one of the most in demand products for its different uses, be it medicinal, or as a beauty regimen. It has been used since ancient times and Egyptians refer to this plant as the "plant of immortality."

The aloe vera contains gibberellins and auxin which makes this plant effective in healing skin inflammation and wounds like sunburn, psoriasis, acne, eczema. It soothes and hydrates the skin, and can also minimize the appearance of stretch marks. Beauty gurus also approve of the aloe vera gel as a makeup primer. Most of all, it fights aging. It's a good moisturizer so it lessens the formation of wrinkles! Of course, aloe vera isn't just for our skin, it has lots of great medicinal purposes too! 


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Nature Republic is a popular South Korean beauty and cosmetic brand known for making use of natural components from different countries for their products. The brand aims to produce quality products with ingredients from nature.

The company was established on March 2009 and has opened stores on different countries over the years like Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Cambodia, and United States of America. Of course, there's also a Nature Republic store in the Philippines! The first store in the Philippines was launched in 2012 and today, Nature Republic currently has a couple of stores in the country, though all of them are in Metro Manila. (See list of stores in the Philippines HERE.)

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I was able to get a hand of this aloe vera gel by Nature Republic through mhaiiiself for Php 200 (approximately $4 USD). She has a friend who's currently on South Korea who takes orders or requests of Korean products. Out of curiosity, I ordered the aloe gel to try if the hype is real or what the beauty gurus are saying is true. Reading the label of the aloe gel, it says that it has 92% aloe vera and uses California aloe vera.

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I used the aloe gel every day for one month starting August 14. I apply a generous amount of it on my face and neck, and leave it overnight. I also make sure that the gel has been absorbed by my skin before I go to bed. (It takes probably around 30 minutes to dry.)

The first day of using it gave me an impressive result. I didn't have any new breakout, plus, the existing breakout on my T-Zone was gone. I immediately told myself, "Wow, this actually works!",  and was honestly thinking that it can be a good alternative to the beauty product I've been already using for several years. However, on the second day and succeeding days were kind of a roller coaster. I had a breakout on the nose area on the second day and was healed on the third day. This scenario went on around my face for the rest of the month of using the product. Despite the bipolar reaction of my skin, I felt my skin tighten on the seventh day which made me glad (I usually experience this on my staple beauty product), and my skin also got glossy on the twelfth day.

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Am I satisfied using it?

Partly yes, partly no. I honestly liked the skin tightening sensation and glossy texture it gives to the skin. My face felt smooth and relaxed, and using this product brings me to a good and deep sleep which I always regret when I wake up because I tend to oversleep.

The downside I had with this product is that it still gives me new breakouts almost every day. After a month of using it, I had more breakouts on my chin and cheeks, especially on my lower left cheek, so I decided to take a break from it for awhile and return to the old products I am using.


After the popularity of Nature Republic's aloe gel, there have been other brands of aloe gel that came out in the market. Of course, business-minded people will take advantage of the demand and join in the craze!

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One of the brands is the Luxe Organix. I got the Luxe Organix aloe gel last year when my mom and I went to buy some stuff at Watsons. I used the Luxe Organix for only a few days and stopped it since I had breakouts and tiny bumps around my face. My mom, however, had no problems using it. She uses it when she massage her face.

Comparing the aloe gel between the two brands, I would say Nature Republic’s aloe gel is more liquid and doesn’t feel so sticky on the face. Meanwhile, Luxe Organix has a thicker texture and feels sticky. On their packaging, Nature Republic says it has 92% aloe vera while Luxe Organix says it contains 99.85% aloe vera. Both have a volume of 300 mL / 10.56 fl. oz.

Both of their containers and label are also similar, except that Nature Republic has lots of Korean writings which is understandable because it was bought in Korea, whereas everything on Luxe Organix’s package is written in English but with a label on the front and back which says, “Made in Korea”. For me, the Nature Republic product has a more premium feel when it comes to its packaging because it has its name embossed on the corners of the lid, bottom of the container, and on the thin and clear cover inside. Well, that’s just my opinion. But if I were to pick which product is better between the two, I would definitely pick Nature Republic.


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Using a moisturizer or not has been a debate in the beauty world. Of course, you should put on moisturizer if you have dry skin, but how about for those who were too much blessed with oil on their face? Most would give you an answer that you should because it will help control oiliness. However, there's one popular dermatologist and doctor in my country who went against this claim.

According to Dr. Vicki Belo of Belo Medical Group, people with oily skin and those living on tropical countries need not to apply moisturizer, instead, they need to exfoliate their skin. Applying moisturizer only traps the dirt and dead skin cells on your skin resulting to breakouts and other skin imperfections, whereas exfoliating removes them and revealing a new healthy layer of your skin. (Read more HERE!)

Knowing the point of view from different people is confusing me now! But I guess Dr. Belo's explanation is more convincing. I have an oily skin, so I probably should exfoliate to remove the dirt trapped on my skin. Maybe what I can only advise to those who are confused like me is to try and see the effect of using a moisturizer on your skin. If it made your skin better, then great for you. If not, then try other beauty regimen. I am sure you'll find something that will work for you. Don't give up!


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You are beautiful.
No matter what they say.

- Christina Aguilera (Beautiful)

Overall, the aloe vera gel by Nature Republic is still a great product for me, it's just that it's sadly wasn't compatible with my skin. There are other people who had amazing results after using it and I am happy for them to have finally found their beauty holy grail. But that doesn't mean I would ditch the aloe gel I got here. It would be a waste to just let it expire, you know! I'll purchase an exfoliating product next time and try the aloe gel again. For now, I am going back with the usual beauty product I use. 

Before I end this blog, I would just like to remind people that outer appearance shouldn't be a measure of how people should be treated. Imperfections of someone should not be an excuse for people to ostracize and belittle that person. Yes, we all desire to look better but what's more important at the end of the day is the goodness that's within you.

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Wow, I think what I have just said is quite contradicting on my entire blog today. If we could just have the best of both worlds, right? Anyway, I just want to ask, have you tried using Nature Republic's aloe vera gel?

Thanks for reading!

✧ Katsanslimites

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