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NUFAUKH MEAN CONVERTIN THE SOUL IN HUMAN BEINGIN. THE We told them that it means the light of the instinctive spirit which, like oil, feeds and supplies the flame in a lamp. Nafkh has a definite form. The blower blows a breath into something. The wood capable of catching fire can easily attract the latter, when air is blown into the burning wood. Nafkh is the cause of burning, but it would be wrong to think that the blower in this case is God, though the result, i.e. burning, can be safely attributed to Him. Sometimes by cause we do mean the effect of it, though apparently the effect is not a cause. God says “...” [Allah is angry with them (al-Qur’an, xlviii. 6)] and also “...” [We took retribution from them (al-Qur’an, xv. 79)]. Wrath implies a change in the angry person, whose aim is to inflict punishment on those who have caused anger. Here by ghadab (retribution) we mean the result of anger and by retribution is meant the result of the retribution. Similarly, nafkh here means the result of breathing soul into man. Asked further: what is the cause of the light of the soul or the light in the candle of the sperm? -- we replied: This is an attribute in the subject as well as in the object. By the attribute in the subject we mean the generosity of God, Who is the source of all our lives in this world. There is none like unto Him. Exalted beyond measure is He Who has given life to all creation. For instance, the sun casts its light upon the objects most fitted