Naughty America CEO: Millenials Want to Pay in Bitcoin

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Naughty America's CEO says the firm has seen a surge in demand for bitcoin following the launch of its virtual reality (VR) products. The adult empire – which operates a network of 45 sites – had ditched the currency in 2014 following underwhelming sales. When it reappeared as a payment option this week, users were stumped as to why. Speaking to CoinDesk, Andreas Hronopoulos revealed bitcoin's reappearance was a result of Naughty America's 'virtual porn' launch, which triggered a wave of online support for the currency. He added: "We found VR is geared towards a Millenial audience, they seem to have an interest in bitcoin – it aligns more with how they think, how they spend their money." Hronopoulos said his team had overlooked the demographics of its '2D' users – the majority of which are 'Generation X' – during Naughty America's initial integration with bitcoin payment processor BitPay. In hindsight it's not surprising that these users "didn't connect" with the currency as some still make payments by check, he added. Bitcoin surcharge While the announcement was received on Reddit with the usual fanfare, users flagged the fact that bitcoin subscriptions carried a surcharge. A check of the site yesterday showed one month ($29.95) was priced 20% higher than Naughty America's credit card option, while annual subscriptions would cost over $48 extra. Hronopoulos dismissed this price discrepancy as "probably just coincidental" and likely related to A/B testing on the site. "Do not put any stock into that," he said. However, emails from Naughty America's customer support appear to contradict this, indicating bitcoin customers are charged more to cover "processing costs"

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