Nawrooz( New Year) in Afghanistan

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International day of Nawroz march 21

Nawroz is the beginning of New Year in solar Hijri calendar. It marks the first day of spring. More than 15 countries celebrate it such as Afghanistan, Albania, Azerbaijan, Iran, India and etc. The moment the sun crosses the celestial equator and equalizes the night and the day is calculated exactly every year.

Nawroz in Afghanistan

Nawroz is celebrated widely in Afghanistan, particularly in Northern Afghanistan, Mazar-e-Sharif. Preparation for the New Year in Afghanistan starts several days before New Year, mostly after Charshanba Suri, the last Wednesday before new year. The most famous traditions and customs are the following.

Mele Guli Surkh: Mele Guli surkh means Red flower festival mostly referred to tulip flowers is the main festival for the New Year. It is celebrated in Mazare Sharif during the first month of the year when the tulip flowers grow in the plain and over the beautiful hills. People come together from all over the country in Mazare Sharif to celebrate New Year.

Janda Bala: Janda Bala is celebrated on the first day of New Year. High ranking government officials attend  Janda Bala. It is a specific religious ceremony held in a mosque in Mazare Sharif. The ceremony is performed by raising a special banner. It is the biggest Nawroz gathering in which about 200,000 people come to gather to celebrate the Janda Bala


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