Need of Attention on Primary Education

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   Teachers of poor countries are victimized of severe hardships. There is need of policy to provide secure environment and making teacher's effective performance.




The goals of progress are associated with education. Importance of education can not be neglected for rescind of unemployment and poverty.

    The larger province “Punjab” has greater number of female teachers as compare to other three provinces of Pakistan. The strength of female teachers in Punjab is 56%, 52% in Sindh (the province of Pakistan) whereas the situation in KPK (Khyber Pakhtun Khawa, the province of Pakistan) and Baluchistan (the province of Pakistan) is opposite, Male teachers in KPK are 61% and in Balochistan are 64%. The strength of female teachers in Islamabad (the capital city of Pakistan) is greatest and is 68%. The strength of female teachers in tribal areas is only 28%. According to recently announced statistic by NGO (Non Government Organization), Punjab is largest Province of Pakistan according to population, where the strength of teachers is also largest in the country, 54.71 percent in Punjab whereas the smallest numbers of teachers only about 0.74 percent in Gilgit Baltistan are giving their duties. 20.81% teachers are there in Sindh, of total strength, 13.61% in KPK, 3.82% in Balochistan, 1.12 percent in Islamabad, 1.82% in FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas) and 3.4% are there in Kashmir.

(Number of female teachers expressed as a percentage of total number of teachers in Pakistan)


    If the strength of male and female teachers is compared, we notice that female teachers are less than male teachers, due to which feudalism and tribal system exists. The strength of women is greater than men in country, and every where the ratio of women is coded as 51% or 52%. Means, women are more than men in Pakistan but to get them educated the educational institutes are unable to provide their services to the whole women population that’s why female teachers are too short for this sacred obligation.


  Literature of all worldly languages is full of unlimited golden words to pay tribute to the persons having this grandiose profession. They are respected in all civilized societies of the World.


The goals of progress are associated with education. Nobody deny the role of teachers in education.

    Probably most people work in education department but there is still need of more people in this field. According to statistic of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), till the end of 2015, more than 1.6 million  teachers will be required for primary education and after that till 2030 more 3.3 million teachers will be required.Scarcity of man power in this field may have many reasons, they are not provided with facilities which they demand and they also have to face many difficulties and hurdles to perform this sacred obligation.On the basis preferences that demand this profession, UNESCO Bangkok and KEDI (Korean Education Development Institution) organized a seminar , Asia pacific in 2014, in which 5 pointed recommendation were delivered.

1.      Such Policy should be made that demands for security of teachers and has ideas for making more effective performance of teachers. They should be provided legalalized structure.

2.       Only the deserving people should be selected for this department, that are well qualified, and lover of this profession and teachers should be provided with all educational equipment required for teaching.

3.      Those people, who want to adopt this profession, must should be given full training of teaching, before starting teaching, that should be continued during job. Duly program should be made for the progress of teachers.

4.      Teachers should be send to those regions where there is severe need of teachers, While teachers working in remote areas must be provided transport allowance and health facilities and after the completion of job’s period, they should be provided Pension and other facilities.

5.      During employment, they should be supported in every way. Their performance must be encouraged. They should be given authority to have some independence for taking some actions.


According to one estimate, 5.4 million and 20 thousand teachers are needed for primary and compulsory education in all over the World. From then 1.7 million and 60 thousand new teachers will be there and 3.6 million and 60 thousand teachers will be posted on the seats of those, who has discharged from their jobs.

  Small private educational institutes in country offer very less pay as compared to government schools. UNESCO recommended that pays of teachers should be according to their educational abilities. They should be so economically strong so that they can enhance their abilities by getting more education.

   Primary compulsory education is ignored in country, For the establishment of peace in World,  annihilation of poverty and for the progression, development and betterment of any country, importance of education never can be neglected. Now a days, many countries of the world are facing many problems. World is endangered by terrorism and wars. Every upcoming day, countries are getting victimized of natural disasters. Means that the largest part of world’s population is victim of emergent situations, due to which children are also being affected. These children for their security issue, are then migrated to camps, where educational facilities can not be provided so that they have to discontinue their studies and it becomes the great misery of their life.


So, government should take such steps as a result of which these camped children should be provided with all the standardized educational facilities. They should be kept out of circle of wars and bloodshed. And professional education system should be organized for them. So, that they could help themselves on their own and also could support their families and take part in the development and betterment of the nation and also become able to earn good name for their country and could become the respectable citizen of country.

The following video shows the "Right to Education." 


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