Need to bring Islamic culture in Pakistan again for development of country

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today my topic is Islam a culture and development of Islam and also social society system in Pakistan. Culture is very important for passing life and living in a society because we known through his culture. Culture mean the cultivation and development of human mind.

every culture are different from other agriculture. The aim of agriculture is to cultivate the mind of an individual or some group. In the culture. Our living style and behavior of life. Our culture depend on Islamic rules. Islamic cultural are based on the passing life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

The origin of Islam a culture also based on the Holy Quran. Islamic culture is very different from other cultures in many ways. Islamic culture is universal in its object and aims. There are some restrictions in Islam for the Muslims. Islamic culture are based on practical religion. The teaching of Islam on practicable.

Islam means to surrender to the will of God. Islam teach us and preaches us in practical, material, social and spiritual life. Culture has no place and do not accept those people who only believe and do not act on Allah. Islam give us a complete political and social system compare to other alternative systems.

Every Muslim man and woman has been urged to learn knowledge. It promises peace and stability in their whole world. The Muslim are backward today because they do not follow the principles of Islam in true spirit .they accept the Western rules and principles. Now they must be awake and act upon the principle of Islam.

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